The blue progress bar is loading slowly and no report/error is displayed

Last Updated on April 30, 2017 by Chris Christoff

In this documentation page you’ll find answers for frequently asked questions about Google Analytics Dashboard for WP.

If you have any errors displayed under Google Analytics -> Errors & Debug, you should start by checking these error codes first.

If you can’t find the right answer, go to support forums and drop a question there. Try to give as many details as possible about your issue.

The blue progress bar is loading slowly and no report/error is displayed, why?

This usually happens when there is no access to wp-admin/admin-ajax.php or something else prevents a proper ajax response:

  • issues generated by security plugins that are disabling access to wp-admin directory (check your plugin settings).
  • issues generated by minification plugins (check your plugin settings).
  • issues generated by cache plugins (check your plugin settings).
  • rules in your .htaccess file (in Apache) meant to disable access to admin-ajax.php, to wp-admin or to password protect the wp-admin directory (check .htaccess or your server configuration file).
  • hosting provider firewalls, mod_security rules or other WAFs preventing access to admin-ajax.php (contact your hosting provider).
  • a memory limit or a plugin conflict.

Plugin conflicts

There are multiple causes that can generate plugin conflicts. Once you’ve identified a plugin generating a conflict it would be a good idea to contact the plugin author and let him know about it.

The simplest way to debug this issue is to:

  • disable all plugins except for Google Analytics Dashboard for WP.
  • enable one plugin at the time and check Google Analytics -> General Settings at each step.
  • when the Google Analytics -> General Settings screen gets empty again or a fatal error is thrown you’ve identified the conflicting plugin.

You can also check your PHP error log and try to identify the conflict based on errors thrown there.