Changelog: Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

This is the full changelog of Google Analytics Dashboard for WP:

Release notes:
GADWP v5.3 release notes

Bug Fixes:
– fixes for user opt-out feature
– use gadwp_useroptout shortcode to easily generate opt-out buttons and links, [more details](
– adding gadwp_gtag_commands and gadwp_gtag_script_path hooks to allow further gtag (Global Site Tag) code customization
– adds opt-out and DNT support for Google Tag Manager
Bug Fixes:
– avoid tracking issues by not clearing the profiles list on automatic token resets

Bug Fixes:
– frontend_item_reports PHP notice when upgrading from a version lower than v4.8.0.1

5.3 (see the release notes)
– adds full support for Global Site Tag (gtag.js)
– remove Scroll Depth functionality, since this is now available as a trigger on Google Tag Manager
– adds custom dimensions support for AMP pages with Google Tag Manager tracking
– adds support for button submits
Bug Fixes:
– form submit events were not following the non-interaction settings
Bug Fixes:
– fixing a small reporting issue

– add Google Analytics user opt-out support
– add option to exclude tracking for users sending the Do Not Track header
– add System tab to Errors & Debug screen
– check to avoid using a redeemed access code
Bug Fixes:
– remove a debugging message
– cURL options were overwritten during regular API calls

– more informative alerts and suggestions on the authorization screen
– disable autocomplete for the access code input field to avoid reuse of the same unique authorization code
– GADWP Endpoint improvements
– Error reporting improvements
– introducing the gadwp_maps_api_key filter
Bug Fixes:
– use the theme color palette for the frontend widget

– avoid submitting empty error reports
Bug Fixes:
– fixes a bug for custom PHP cURL options

5.2 (see the release notes)
– improvements on exponential backoff system
– introduces a new authentication method with endpoints
– multiple updates of plugin’s options
– code cleanup
– improvements on error reporting system
– option to report errors to developer
– move the upgrade notice from the Dashboard to plugin’s settings page
– enable PHP cURL proxy support using WordPress settings, props by Joe Hobson
– hide unusable options based on plugin’s settings
Bug Fixes:
– some thrown errors were not displayed on Errors & Debug screen
– analytics icon disappears from post list after quick edit, props by karex
– fix for inline SVG links, props by Andrew Minion
– fixes a bug on affiliate events tracking
Bug Fixes:
– encode quotation marks on webpage titles
– fixes an XSS vulnerability on a dashboard report, see the release notes; credits [Oways]
Bug Fixes:
– fixes an access token request loop
Bug Fixes:
– fixes a GAPI parameter issue
Bug Fixes:
– fixes multiple GAPI issues

– adds support for Google AMP Client ID API
– adds support for Force SSL option
Bug Fixes:
– fixes a telephone tracking issue
Bug Fixes:
– fixes a bug on the exponential backoff system
– tested up to 4.8.2
– changes to align with h1 security program policy and requirements
– event hitCallback is now optional and only used if needed, see [Tracking with GADWP]( for details

= 5.1.1 =
New Features:
– adds non-interaction hit support for AMP
– automatically annotates all AMP HTML elements with the appropriate data when DOM and libxml PHP extension are available
– renames the access code POST variable
– exclude scroll page depth events from bounce rate calculation
Bug Fixes:
– fixes the switch between metrics on Location report
– fixes PHP notices on empty reports

Bug Fixes:
– if tracking is disabled it keeps it that way while upgrading from versions lower than 5.0
– fixes the undeclared variable gadwpSubmitObject error on submitted forms
– added deprecation warning for tracking_code method
– fix network admin menu capabilities, props by Maxime Culea
– switch to a customized version of GAPI to avoid conflicts with other plugins
– automatically remove amp/ from Google Analytics tracking page URL
– events tracking is now using data-vars-ga-* attributes instead of data-ga-*
– increase default report expiration cookie from 7 days to 365 days
New Features:
– sampleRate support for web analytics and AMP
– custom dimensions tracking support for AMP
– scrolling depth tracking support for AMP
– form submit tracking support for AMP
– downloads, affiliate links, hashmarks, outbound links, telephones, e-mails tracking support for AMP

– use site_url() to find the main domain name
– display the page load time in seconds with two decimals
– add custom categories, custom actions, and custom labels support for events tracking using data-ga-* attributes, props by Timo Schneider
– display the update notice only on automatic updates
Bug Fixes:
– prevent the default action of the click event to be triggered if the anchor click event was already prevented by other scripts
Bug Fixes:
– filedsObject is missing for the create command
– display the last accessed report instead of the default one

5.0 (see the release notes)
– complete redesign of the tracking component
– AdSense Linking feature was removed since the new linking procedure does not require a special code anymore
– dropping support for Classic Analytics (ga.js) since all properties were transferred to Universal Analytics
– events are now tracked using a JS file instead of in-line JavaScript
– multiple improvements for events tracking accuracy
– ability to switch between sessions, users and pageviews metrics on reports like Location, Traffic, Searches
– the GAPI PHP Client was updated to v1.1.8
New Features:
– ability to use Google Tag Manager instead of Google Analytics tracking
– added Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager tracking
– users can now switch the position of the tracking codes from head to body through options
– option to load Ecommerce or Enhanced Ecommerce plug-ins for analytics.js
– option to select the placement of the tracking code (head or footer)
– events tracking for form submit actions
– events tracking for telephone calls
– events tracking for page scrolling depth
– full support for experiments with Optimize
– switching sampling level to higher precision to increase the accuracy of reports
– enable anonymization for all hits instead of single hits to avoid false-positives from IP Anonymization checking tools

– introducing average time on page, average page load time, average exit rate, and average session duration metrics

Bug Fixes:
– use Google Maps API key only if available
– fixes gadwp_sites_limit filter

Bug Fixes:
– correction of some files with mixed endings, props by Edward Dekker
– only load the necessary resources for frontend widget
– corrected a JavaScript error on frontend sidebar widget

– introducing the gadwp_curl_options filter to allow changes on CURL options for the Google_IO_Curl class, props by Alexandre Simard

4.9.4 (see the release notes)
– always load analytics.js over SSL
– gadwp_backenditem_uri filter passes post ID as an additional variable
– option to use a Google Maps API key for the Locations report

New Features:
– a new year-month dimension is now available, to allow further segmentation of the most successful publication years, by month; props by Antoine Girard
– a new 404 Errors report designed to analyze and easily identify the source of 404 errors

Bug Fixes:
– switch to get_sites() while maintaining compatibility with older WP installs
– fix for multisite installs, Properties/Views Settings list was not properly displayed on PHP7
– prevent autoloading of reports’ cache entries; props by Alex Bradaric
– WP 4.6.1 compatibility
Bug Fixes:
– fixing a bug where &nbsp was displayed instead of a blank space on localized sites

– implement more specific error codes
– files cleanup
– move reports.js and other scripts to footer
– on-screen errors instead of using console

New Features:
– custom dimensions support for Tags

– improved loading speed for charts
– add autoloading for Charts Library to allow dequeue on conflicts
– removed API Key option, since is not needed anymore
– display session values in Pie Chart slices
– improved data accuracy for Pie Charts

Bug Fixes:
– multiple fixes for frontend widget
– page title missing in Realtime report

New Features:
– brand new Technology Reports with details about Device Categories, Browsers, Operating Systems, Screen Resolutions and Device Brands
– Bug Fix: multiple CSS fixes for frontend widget
– Bug Fix: clean-up output for View selection list
– Bug Fix: try to fix Google Charts conflicts with other plugins
– Bug Fix: prevent PHP warnings during authorization and while revoking tokens
– Bug Fix: focusFlag preventing Real-Time reports from refreshing properly
– Bug Fix: date format is not properly localized in daily/monthly reports
– Bug Fix: reports loading issues on WordPress 4.4

– Bug Fix: clear_cache method is generating PHP warnings on certain conditions
– Bug Fix: make sure Google charts libraries are loaded before rendering
– Bug Fix: Pages report missing from admin dashboard widget
– Bug Fix: Invalid response with a -31 error when using a certain combination of backend settings

4.9 (see the release notes)
– Bug Fix: add an unique class to jQuery UI Tooltips to avoid conflicts
– Bug Fix: multiple CSS improvements
– Bug Fix: invalid localized date formats
– Bug Fix: switching between multisite modes doesn’t propagate the new network status on all sites
– Enhancement: unset cookies while revoking the authorization or clearing the cache
– Enhancement: no more page re-loads on admin dashboard widget when switching between reports
– Enhancement: unified reporting system with real-time capabilities
– Enhancement: new tracking options enabling you to customize cookieName, cookieDomain, cookieExpires; props by Martins Sipenko
– Enhancement: display update notices only to admins and only on dashboard
– Enhancement: force language packs updates for all available languages on a Network
– Enhancement: added View switch capabilities

– Enhancement: switching to, you can find more details here
– Bug Fix: blank page on General Settings screen after failing to rebuild the bearer token
– Enhancement: Italian translation updated
– Enhancement: new Localization section
– Enhancement: small UI updates

– Bug Fix: use only unique CSS selectors to avoid conflicts with other plugins
– Bug Fix: don’t load unneeded CSS styles on frontend
– Bug Fix: switch to a new custom made cache system to avoid issues with broken transients
– Enhancement: rebuild and roll-back to a bearer token
– Enhancement: Greek translation updated
– Bug Fix: truncate long translation strings in google analytics reports
– Bug Fix: rename query args to something more unique to avoid conflicts with other plugins
– Bug Fix: Italian translation small fix
– Bug Fix: add text domain and domain path in plugin’s header; switch to default text domain
– Bug Fix: avoid empty item reports while the URI ends with a slash and a Default Page is set in View settings (requires re-authorization)
– Enhancement: throw an error in the General Settings screen (even if it’s not a blocker) to acknowledge the user
– Enhancement: item reports improvements, more suggestive error messages in item reports, hide unnecessary item reports divs on critical errors
– Enhancement: Spanish translation updated
– Enhancement: Greek translation
– Enhancement: i18n improvements, props by Ivan Ridao Freitas
– Enhancement: all Google Analytics API requests need to pass additional validity checks and must be sent through get() method
– Enhancement: unset default dimension and default metric cookies after a plugin update
– Bug Fix: fixes automatic update switched on after each update
– Bug Fix: add missing domain to an i18n string
– Bug Fix: small CSS fix in item-reports.css
– Bug Fix: using PHP to get web pages URIs instead of JavaScript
– Enhancement: Italian translation updated
– Enhancement: set the cookies to expire in 7 days
– Bug Fix: headers already sent warning on main dashboard widget
– Bug Fix: plural form fix for a string in translation PO files

– Bug Fix: add % suffix to bouncerate item reports
– Bug Fix: add query string support to frontend item reports
– Bug Fix: make the main menu translatable
– Bug Fix: PHP notice while no View is assigned to a new network site
– Enhancement: French translation updated
– Enhancement: Romanian translation updated
– Enhancement: display an admin notice after manual and automatic updates
– Enhancement: small I18N tweaks and POT file update
– Enhancement: introducing last 14 days range in items reports
– Enhancement: introducing One Year and Three Years range for all google analytics reports
– Enhancement: set the last selected report and date range as default for subsequent requests

4.8 (see the release notes)
– Enhancement: optimize the number of ajax requests
– Enhancement: new versioning standard for a better management of automatic updates (M.M.m.u)
– Enhancement: JavaScript code cleanup and optimization
– Enhancement: memory usage optimization
– Enhancement: small assets fixes, UX improvements, props by Adrian Pop
– Enhancement: introducing google analytics reports for all frontend web pages (new feature)
– Enhancement: gadwp_frontenditem_uri filter to allow URI corrections for frontend item reports
– Bug Fix: avoid double encoding of UTF-8 URIs
– Bug Fix: 100% number formatting issue on bounce rate report

– Bug Fix: html encode single quotes for custom dimensions

– Bug Fix: Settings action unavailable on Installed Plugins screen
– Enhancement: German translation updated
– Enhancement: Romanian translation updated
– Enhancement: Dutch translation updated

– Enhancement: Russian translation
– Enhancement: Romanian translation
– Enhancement: Hungarian translation updated
– Enhancement: UX improvements, props by Adrian Pop
– Enhancement: settings page cleanup

– Enhancement: Czech translation
– Bug Fix: apply tooltips only on GADWP widget
– Bug Fix: use a custom data attribute instead of title to attach the tooltip

– Enhancement: Italian translation updated
– Bug Fix: use url-encoding for API filters to avoid generating invalid parameters
– Bug Fix: cache reports for pages and posts with queries in URI
– Bug Fix: avoid double encoding while doing Google Analytics API requests

– Enhancement: Dutch translation updated
– Enhancement: using wp_get_current_user() to check users’ roles
– Enhancement: fit longer titles in backend item reports widget
– Enhancement: disable the drop-down select list while a single Google Analytics View is available
– Bug Fix: views missing on huge google analytics accounts
– Bug Fix: unable to add new widgets on frontend

– Enhancement: Italian translation updated
– Enhancement: Japanese translation updated
– Enhancement: Portuguese (Brazil) translation updated
– Enhancement: introducing a manager class to keep track of all instances and their references
– Enhancement: push the google analytics tracking code at the end of head section
– Enhancement: better support for remove_action and wp_dequeue_script
– Enhancement: Ajax calls optimization
– Bug Fix: loading bar issues while not all frontend features are enabled
– Bug Fix: in-existent script enqueued in frontend component
– Bug Fix: i18n improvements, props by Hinaloe
– Bug Fix: PHP notice when using bbPress
– Bug Fix: in-existent script enqueued in frontend component
– Bug Fix: improved URI detection in Pages and Posts backend reports
– Bug Fix: color picker and settings page tabs not working when per posts/pages reports are disabled

– Bug Fix: analytics icons added to all custom columns
– Bug Fix: unable to switch tabs in plugin options for some languages

– Requirements: WordPress 3.5 and above
– Enhancement: automatic updates for minor versions (security and maintenance releases)
– Enhancement: improvements while enqueuing styles & scripts
– Enhancement: google analytics reports per post in Post List (new feature)
– Enhancement: google analytics reports per page in Page List (new feature)
– Enhancement: gadwp_backenditem_uri allows URI corrections for backend item reports
– Enhancement: option to enable/disable the custom dashboard widget
– Enhancement: Japanese translation
– Enhancement: Dutch translation updated
– Enhancement: Portuguese (Brazil) translation
– Enhancement: UI improvements, props by Paal Joachim Romdahl
– Bug Fix: Arabic translation not loading properly
– Bug Fix: initialize time-shift for all Google Analytics API calls
– Bug Fix: include Google Analytics API library only when a API call is made
– Bug Fix: keep the percentage numeric while anonymizing data
– Bug Fix: add PHP 5.3 as a requirement when forcing IPv4
– Bug Fix: typo fix, props by Andrew Minion

– Bug Fix: fatal error in plugin settings screen, under certain circumstances
– Bug Fix: fix refresh interval for google analytics backend reports

– Bug Fix: maintain compatibility with WordPress 3.0+

– Enhancement: Google Analytics API requests optimization
– Enhancement: server responses improvements
– Enhancement: filter data through query options
– Bug Fix: additional checks before displaying an error
– Bug Fix: wrong error displayed on IE
– Bug Fix: set correct Content-Type before sending responses

– Bug Fix: end tag missing on error message
– Bug Fix: additional checks before making a View list request
– Bug Fix: avoid deleting errors while clearing the cache
– Bug Fix: PHP notices fix for some requests
– Bug Fix: PHP notices fix when calling ob_clean on an empty buffer
– Bug Fix: frontend stats not responsive
– Enhancement: handle some additional Google Analytics API errors
– Enhancement: set totals to zero when anonymize stats is enabled
– Enhancement: auto-cleanup removed; all transients have static identifiers now
– Enhancement: dump error details to JavaScript Console and throw an alert on invalid responses
– Enhancement: Italian translation

– Enhancement: further optimization on google analytics api queries
– Enhancement: less error prone while running JavaScript
– Enhancement: Google Analytics API errors handling improvement
– Enhancement: added GADWP_IP_VERSION constant to force a particular Internet Protocol version when needed
– Enhancement: run the clean-up method only in settings screen
– Enhancement: added tabs to Tracking Code page
– Enhancement: added a new menu item for errors and debugging
– Enhancement: error alerts for Error & Debug sub-menu
– Enhancement: disable file cache functionality in GAPI library
– Enhancement: if cURL is not available fall-back to HTTP streams; cURL is no longer a requirement
– Enhancement: wp_get_sites limit can now be adjusted through gadwp_sites_limit filter

– Bug Fix: additional check for frontend widget

– Bug Fix: frontend widget nonce issue while using a cache plugin
– Bug Fix: clear the buffer immediately before returning AJAX response
– Bug Fix: add full-path while loading autoload.php

– Bug Fix: frontend reports and widget are not responsive
– Bug Fix: random notices for today and yesterday reports
– Enhancement: Italian translation
– Enhancement: admin widget responsive design and optimizations
– Enhancement: added acquisition channel reports
– Enhancement: added acquisition social networks reports
– Enhancement: added acquisition search engines reports
– Enhancement: new location report and countries/cities list table
– Enhancement: new pages report (removed top 24 limit)
– Enhancement: new searches report (removed top 24 limit)
– Enhancement: new referrers report (removed top 24 limit)
– Enhancement: frontend, per page reports (removed top 24 limit)
– Enhancement: added campaigns in real-time report/screen
– Enhancement: asynchronous reports loading and speed improvements
– Enhancement: code optimization for all frontend and backend features
– Enhancement: finished the error standardization process; easier debugging
– Enhancement: Google Analytics API library update

– Bug Fix: improvements on QPS management
– Bug Fix: fall-back to world map when a wrong country code is entered
– Bug Fix: removed double transient call on successful google analytics authorization
– Bug Fix: PHP warning when authorizing without a Google Analytics account
– Bug Fix: switch back to initial blog after completing an error clean up in multisite mode
– Enhancement: clear all errors on version change
– Enhancement: grid lines are now transparent
– Enhancement: responsive design improvements for admin widget
– Enhancement: add css and js version number

– Bug Fix: removed the PHP debugging log for frontend queries
– Enhancement: adding library conflict notice in General Settings
– Enhancement: better handling of Google Analytics API errors
– Enhancement: added an error when user enters the Google Analytics Tracking ID instead of an access code
– Enhancement: improved error reporting for frontend stats and widgets

– Enhancement: marking classes as final
– Enhancement: re-design of the google analytics frontend widget
– Enhancement: responsive design for frontend widget
– Enhancement: responsive design for page reports
– Enhancement: error codes standardization
– Enhancement: frontend stats are now able to display the error number
– Bug Fix: load jsapi only when the frontend widget is active
– Bug Fix: javascript errors while resizing window
– Bug Fix: real-time component not loading properly in certain conditions
– Bug Fix: stop retrying when a daily limit has exceeded

– Enhancement: frontend component re-design
– Enhancement: optimizing frontend component to improve page loading speed
– Enhancement: optimizing frontend component to minimize GAPI requests
– Enhancement: loading jsapi using wp-enqueue-script
– Enhancement: better escaping to avoid javascript errors

– Enhancement: option to exclude Super Administrator tracking for the entire network
– Bug Fix: warning during Network Activate
– Bug Fix: track affiliates while downloads, mailto and outbound links tracking is disabled
– Bug Fix: avoid reload loops for realtime component
– Enhancement: track fragment identifiers, hashmarks (#) in URI links
– Enhancement: improving i18n
– Enhancement: moving bounce-rate option to Advanced Tracking

– Bug Fix: clear cache not working properly
– Bug Fix: error correction in Spanish localization file

– Bug Fix: authors custom dimension not working for pages
– Bug Fix: outbound detection
– Bug Fix: fixed unicode issue
– Bug Fix: properly display cities with same name from different regions
– Enhancement: removed image extensions from default download filter
– Enhancement: add day of week to dashboard dates
– Enhancement: Arabic translation
– Bug Fix: multiple fixes for real time reports

– Enhancement: ga_dash_addtrackingcode action hook
– Enhancement: French translation
– Enhancement: cross domain tracking support
– Enhancement: Google Analytics custom definitions, using custom dimensions to track authors, years, categories and engagement
– Enhancement: support for affiliate links tracking
– Enhancement: never treat downloads as outbound links

– Enhancement: added Polish translation
– Bug Fix: missing icon and wrong link in GADWP settings
– Enhancement: moving Page Speed SR to top, to avoid some confusions
– Enhancement: added plugin version to debugging data

– Bug Fix: fixes for multisite with a single Google Analytics Account
– Bug Fix: notice while displaying searches report
– Bug Fix: downloads regex update
– Bug Fix: always exclude outbound links from bounce-rate calculation
– Enhancement: Adsense account linking
– Enhancement: adjust page speed sample rate
– Enhancement: exclude event tracking from bounce-rate calculation for downloads and mailto
– Enhancement: reset downloads filters to default when empty
– deprecate: classic google analytics

– Bug Fix: link on top referrers list not working
– allowing today as default stats
– Bug Fix: google analytics profiles refresh issue
– Enhancement: remove table borders on frontend widget
– Bug Fix: multiple fixes for network mode
– updated GAPI libarry
– using autloader for PHP 5.3.0 and greater
– security improvements
– tracking code update

– responsive google analytics charts
– single authorization for multisite
– Bug Fix: SERVER_ADDR PHP notice
– Bug Fix: notices on admin dashboard
– additional data validation and sanitizing
– Bug Fix: realtime switching profile functionality
– multisite: blog’s cleanup on uninstall
– deprecating custom tracking code

– added hungarian translation
– added italian translation
– Bug Fix: escaping characters in google analytics charts
– new filter on frontend widget
– cache timeout adjustments
– description update
– Bug Fix: fatal error on invalid_grant
– added timestamp on last error

– Bug Fix: russian country map is not working
– Bug Fix: only administrator can see google analytics reports while using a cache plugin
– Bug Fix: division by zero on frontend widget
– added german translation
– added spanish translation

– added portuguese translation
– frontend widget CSS fix
– added remarketing, demographics and interests tracking support for Google Analytics tracking code
– universal google analytics is now the default tracking method
– CSS fix for dashboard widgets

– translations bugfix
– menu display tweaks
– removed debugging log file
– permissions fix for WPMU
– URI fix for frontend filters (top pages and top searches)
– exclude google analytics reports in preview mode
– updated download filters
– by default administrators are not excluded from tracking
– bugfix for refresh_profiles() method

– fixed on/off toggle bug for frontend settings

– properly nonce verification

– force token reset procedure when failing to authenticate with Google Analytics
– deleting refresh token transient on uninstall
– trying to catch all possible exceptions thrown by Google Analytics API
– no token reset on network connection errors
– fixed screen options bug
– added capability to select each role for access levels and exclude tracking
– added links to top pages table
– added links to top referrers table
– added option to display Chart&Totals/Chart/Totals to frontend widget
– retrieving realtime analytics using wp ajax
– switching to default jquery-ui-tooltip wordpress library
– fixed settings link not displayed in plugins page

– bugfix for error reporting
– custom API credential are now saved before starting the authorization procedure
– hiding additional info in log data

– bugfix for I18n
– implemented a basic debugging log
– CURL required error messages
– option to hide all other google analytics properties/views from Select Domain list
– added periodical _transient_timeout cleanup
– fixed bug in property refresh method
– disable hide option when none or a single google analytics property is available
– better handling errors when a user authorizes without actually having a Google Analytics account
– fixed bug in token revoke method
– fixed bug in token refresh method
– additional validations on frontend features
– refreshing charts when the time interval changes
– saving last selection
– minimizing requests by using same query serial for frontend and backend queries
– fixed bug in dashboard’s switch options for non-admins
– fixed Notice: Undefined index: ga_dash_frontend_stats for new installs
– no more queries if there is no token

– added support for google analytics enhanced link attribution
– bugfix on google analytics classic tracking code

– using predefined color for pie charts

– refresh token handles additional uncaught exceptions
– partially resolved conflicts with other google analytics plugins

– checkboxes replaced with switch on/off buttons
– multiple bug fixes

– plugin code rewritten from scratch
– new enhanced, user friendly interface
– added custom tracking code
– added a new frontend widget
– cache improvements, loading speeds optimization, less GAPI queries
– responsive design

– google analytics api token refresh bugfix

– corrected wrong google analytics stats reporting

– css fixes
– clear cache fixes

– time zone fixes
– hourly reports for yesterday and today
– small css fix on frontend

– small fixes and update

– fixed Domain and Subdomains tracking code for Universal Google Analytics

– added google analytics real-time support
– new date ranges: Today, Yesterday, Last 30 Days and Last 90 Days

– fixed “lightblack” color issue, on geomap, on light theme
– added cursor:pointer property to class .gabutton

– added access level option to backend google analytics reports
– added access level option to frontend google analytics reports
– new feature for Geo Map allowing local websites to display cities, instead of countries, on a regional map
– fixed colors for Geo Chart containing world visits by country

– solved WooCommerce conflict using .note class
– added Google Analytics tracking exclusion based on user level access

– added missing files
– other minor fixes

– added Google Analyticsevent tracking feature: track downloads, track emails, track outbound links
– remove trailing comma for IE8 compatibility

– a better way to retrieve domains and subdomains from Google Analytics profiles
– remove escaping slashes generating errors on table display

– improvements on google analytics tracking code
– redundant variable for default domain name
– fix for “cannot redeclare class URI_Template_Parser” error
– added Settings to plugins page
– modified Google Analytics Profiles timeouts

– minimize Google Analytics API requests
– new warnings available on Admin Option Page
– avoid any unnecessary profile list update
– avoid errors output for regular users while adding the google analytics tracking code

– fixed some ‘Undefined index’ notices
– cache fix to decrease number of Google Analytics API requests


– simplified authorization process for beginners
– advanced users can use their own Google Analytics API Project


– translation fix, textdomain ga-dash everywhere


– some small javascript fixes for google analytics tracking code


– renamed function get_main_domain() to ga_dash_get_main_domain


– small bug fix for multiple TLD domains tracking and domain with subdomains tracking
– added universal google analytics support (you can track visits using analytics.js or using ga.js)


– switch to domain names instead of google analytics profile names on select lists
– added is_front_page() check to avoid problems in Woocommerce


– i8n improvements
– RTL improvements
– usability and accessibility improvements
– added google analytics tracking features


– a better way to determine temp dir for google analytics api cache


– added error handles
– added quick support buttons
– added Sticky Notes
– switched from Visits to Views vs UniqueViews on frontpage
– fixed select lists issues after implementing translation, fixed frontend default google analytics profile
– added frontpage per article statistics


– added multilingual support
– small bug fix when locking admins to a single google analytics profile


– added Traffic Overview in Pie Charts
– added lock google analytics profile feature for Admins
– code optimization


– added Geo Map, sortable tables
– minor fixes


– added cache feature
– simplifying google analytics api authorizing process


– added light theme
– added top pages google analytics report
– added top searches google analytics report
– added top referrers google analytics report
– added display settings


– admins can jail access level to a single google analytics profile


– added multi-website support
– table ids and profile names are now automatically retrived from google analytics


– added View access levels (be caution, ex: if level is set to “Authors” than all editors and authors will have view access)
– fixed menu display issue


– switch to Google API PHP Client 0.6.1
– resolved some Google Analytics Dashboard conflicts


– minor fixes on google analytics api
– added video tutorials


– minor fixes


– first release