Did you know that your Google Analytics setup could be double-counting your mobile visitors?

At the current rate of growth, every person will have 15+ connected devices by 2030.

Already these days, people switch devices often when viewing your site.

Without the right Google Analytics setup, each of those visits is counted separately.

wordpress stats on devices, countries and more

Not only will ExactMetrics show you the devices your visitors are using, but it also accurately tracks cross-device sessions as a single session. It will also identify single sessions when a user is logged-in vs. logged-out, instead of counting them separately.

Many sites still use outdated tracking libraries to send data to Google Analytics, which results in inflated stats. It also throws off your user behavior tracking, conversion funnel tracking, referral tracking, logged-in user tracking and much more.

You need analytics that are real and accurate.

Universal Tracking will give you:

  • Accurate session counts
  • Real conversion tracking
  • Authentic device stats