How to Track Google Analytics Keywords

How to Track Google Analytics Keywords (Step-by-Step)

Wondering if you can see which organic keywords you rank for in Google Analytics? You can’t see Google Analytics keywords right out of the box, but you can set it up so that you can see your keyword data. In fact, you can track them and see where each search query is ranking, their conversions, […]

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Alternatives to MonsterInsights

Top 5 Alternatives to MonsterInsights to Try in 2022

Looking for a good alternative to MonsterInsights? Whether you’re needing a Google Analytics plugin for WordPress or just an analytics platform of some kind, we’ve got a great list of MonsterInsights alternatives for you to check out. First, let’s take a quick look at what MonsterInsights does. What is MonsterInsights? MonsterInsights is a Google Analytics […]

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Social Media Plugins for WordPress

11 Social Media Plugins for WordPress to Download Now

Are you hoping to find a few great social media plugins for your WordPress website that’ll help you grow your following? Whether you want to bring your social feeds onto your website, increase the easiness of sharing your posts or products to social networks, or do anything else with your WordPress website and social media, […]

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In-page Analytics in WordPress

How to See In-Page Analytics in WordPress (The Easy Way)

In-page analytics allows you to see where your website visitors are clicking on your page. If you’re wondering how to see in-page analytics, you’re in the right place. In-page analytics is actually something you can do with Google Analytics, but it’s not really widely known, so most Google Analytics users probably don’t use it. That’s […]

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Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

10 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins to Grow Sales

Looking for a few awesome WordPress affiliate plugins to use to grow your sales? On our list, we have plugins for every kind of affiliate. Whether you’re a publisher with affiliate links on your site or a seller with affiliates selling your products, we’ve included plugins that’ll help you grow your sales. Let’s dive into […]

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Best WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins for GDPR Compliance

8 Best WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins for GDPR Compliance

If you’re worried about complying with GDPR and other privacy laws, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are a lot of great cookie consent plugins and other GDPR compliance plugins for WordPress available. Using a cookie consent plugin for WordPress is one of the best ways to work at getting compliant. It can display a message […]

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