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Simply superb!Ive tried a fair few GA plugins. This one, though deceptively simple, is actually quite powerful with loads of thoughtful little touches.

- adamnz

Great Plugin, highly recommended.I have this installed on a couple of websites. Very convenient and never any issues. Highly recommended

- voipsupermarket

Works well. Implemented the GA code and useful summary reporting on my dashboard.The first and only plugin I tried to add GA code to my website. Worked great straight out of the box. The summary is extremely handy on my dashboard for when I dont have time time to hop onto Google Analytics main website.

- Steve Biggs

Highly recommended.Simple to use and well made plugin. I have it installed on all my sites.

- Matija

Excellent.Works exceptionally well with none of the BS or muck-abouts like other Google Analytics plugins require. No nonsense, very nice (clean, informative) stat display that clients will appreciate for its ease of use.

- CyberCobre

Best Support Ever.I was have an error i contact with support They are very friendly thanks alot 🙂

- mahmutyavsn

So simple. A must have plugin!All you really need to know about your analytics is available simply when you login to WP.

- alysbrussels

Very very good!This is really life saver! So nice and simple plugin! Now I see why its have so huge fans!

- chrisg1

Get instant information on your Welcome panel!Ive tried other Google Analytics-plugins but this is the one I always come back to their widget you can add on your welcome panel when you log into your WordPress is just awesome, and covers my needs for GA. Like checking if you have any real time-visitors before performing an update.

- wpveronika

The best google analytics plug-in by far.Amazing! The simplicity of the interface really belies how much complexity and hard work are embedded in this amazing product. Ive tried everything and nothing comes close to the out of the box functionality of this plugin. Simply amazing work.

- jimjawn

Great Plugin & Support.Does what it says, its user friendly and developers support is quick and efficient. Thanks!

- BarbMil

The best Google Analytics WP plugin Ive tried.I tried several plugins before settling with this one. Its very good. It keeps Google Analytics integration simple and straightforward, and works!

- bradbox

Great Plugin!This plugin really comes in handy. I love how I can see what pages are visited the most. It gets down to every detail on your webpages including devices used, web browsers, and even location! Great Plugin to have installed!

- andreaag

Great Stuff.I have used this on several sites 5 I think and they ALL WORK. ALWAYS. I highly recommend this author and his ExactMetrics. Ive never used the widget feature for showing stats on the front end, but itd be fun for someone!

- Hepburn

Excellent Plugin.I love to see a quick overview of the Analytics on the dashboard. If I need to see more details, I can login to Google directly. Very easy to install, works like a charm.

- weblink

Works Great in 4.8!Ive been using the plugin for several years without any issues. Install is simple & getting the authorization code couldnt be easier.

- HMiller

Works like a charm.Has all the features you could possibly want and more. None of the other plugins come close to giving you as much control of your analytics.

- redbullpeter

Indispensable.Excellent plugin qui permet de visualiser directement dans le tableau de bord les stats Google Analytics du site

- wyse92

Great for webmasters.Love this plugin. I manage over a 100 domains and never have time to look at the traffic stats. With this plugin every time I login to the admin I can look at the stats very quickly as the graph is on the dashboard. Easy to install. Updated on regular basis.

- ditko74

Fantastic.Works very well, easy to set up, love being able to use the dashboard widget

- blindpet

Best Google Analytics plugin.Its been great, I love how easy it is to narrow down the data I need to see and its graphic representation is awesome.

- dacgarz

Just keeps getting better.All the updates for this plugin in the past months just keep making this plugin better. It has great features and shows many of the google analytics reports options including graphs, stats, and the most up to date stats on analytics data. I highly recommend this and havent had any problems yet.

- johncoleman83

I use it on all of my WordPress sites.This is one of the most useful plugins that i use on my sites. You can see important Analytics data on WordPress dashboard and there is an Analytics button for every post on the post list which is very useful for accessing post-specific visitor data whitin WordPress back-end.

- Mojtaba

Best Google Analytics plugin for wordpres in 2017What can I say, currently (beginning of 2017) the best Google analytics plugin for wordpress. Really nothing comes even close.

- Pierre LeBaux

Good plugin.very nice, make me eazy. but does the plugin make our web site bit heavy?.. thanks

- yudi subakhrizal

My Favorite Analytics Plugin.I was looking for a good analytics plugin that would be accessible for me. Im visually impaired, so charts and all that dont do any good for me. Textual data is the best, and this offers that.

- Brandon Olivares

Good plugin.Good plugin and excelent widget in the start panel dashboard is of very good function

- Villalba Juan Manuel Pedro

Perfect.I like something about this plugin that others do not have: I can hide other sites connected to the same analytics account.

- Jaqueline

Very good plugin!Ive used this plugin for long time and more than a website and I must say that is useful and also never created issues. I will surely install it on other websites in the future!

- xylote

Excellent plugin.Being able to view multiple Google Analytics stats right on my WP dashboard is very convenient and helpful. The plugin generates (pulls) the stats quickly, and the display is easy to read. The author provides a well-written tutorial, FAQs, video explanations, and responsive support options.

- markworthen

It's great PLUGIN !After I found out whats wrong with my settings, it works very well on my dashboard. And makes me so simple coz I dont have to login Google Analytics Panel everyday.

- ronyee816

Excellent.I have been using another popular Google Analytor, but I found this is better than the one I had been using.

- nxtrend2015

Excellent Plugin!I came here on the review of another marketer after another popular analysis tool failed to install properly.

- PatrickTaylor1

5stars.Good work team! It is exactly what i needed and you made a great job with it! Thank you!

- idmesspass

Great Customer Service.Had a problem with Google Analytics not reading our website, therefore showing no sessions. Thanks to Chris, he was able to point me in the right direction until we got the issue correct. NOT a problem with the plugin, but with Google Analytics! The plugin is great!

- Tom Sowell

Very Handy.My clients like not having to navigate the Google site. The UI on this plugin is simple and easy to use for a quick activity overview.

- CCDzine

My favorite GA plugin.Very easy to link with your Google Analytics account and great to see the info most customers want to see, without getting lost in GA itself!

- Jos Klever

One of my go-to plugins.This is one of a core group of plugins I install on all my WordPress sites. Works well and so much nicer to see my stats in the WP dashboard rather than having to visit GA directly. I also using the Adsense dashbaord by the same developer and recommend it as well.

- mojamba

Correction.I had initially rated this plugin after the upgrade today as backwards because all i was getting was an error message: Invalid response, more details in JavaScript Console (F12). and also the pages stats was missing from the menu drop down.

- balinga

Awesome!Quick and easy to install especially when one takes the advice of the plugin and reads the instructions. Considering how complex this is, Im amazed at how simple it is to install. One necessary step I discovered after installing the plugin it installs Google Analytics coding in addition to that in my header.php file of my active template. If you already have GA coded into your header.php file, you must remove it so you dont get double counts in your GA.

- jgbennette

Great tracking options, fantastic support.Love this plugin 🙂 Its got powerful customization options, its easy to use, theres good documentation, and if all thats not enough, the author is quick to provide support. Thanks for this wonderful plugin, Chris!

- jdnn

Great Google Analytics plugin.Very happy with the simplicity of authorising the plugin to use my Analytics account; with the range of options; and with its general reliability.

- Jason King

Does the job perfectly!Easily the best Analytics plugin, easy to set up and has all the features you need for usable data.

- jims45

Work Fine Last a Long Time.What a great plug-in now I dont have visit google to look at my stats, what a time saver, very well done.

- Jim E.Novak

Good Stuff!If you love Analytics and use WordPress, you HAVE to have this plugin which easily integrates an overview of the data in your Dashboard. Simple on the surface and a bit more complex in its additional settings if you want to create custom variables and whatnot. Glad to see the great work of a fellow Romanian. Keep up the good work!

- Keetro

Saves Time .By allowing me to get a detailed view of traffic information provided by Google Analytics directly in WordPress without having to log into Google Analytics. Very useful!

- Keith a.k.a. K j A M

A must have for all wordpress sites.Every site i own / design / build all have this plugin, its a must, its simple easy to use and perfect in every way, i love it!

- dxlwebs

Simple and efficient.Straightforward to set-up and the results are great! The documentation is well done and the video tutorial a great first step to get all the necessary knowledge.

- vibreton

Simple and easy!I loved the simple and clear setup of this plugin as it covers my needs without much overhead.

- Michael_KS

G.All the plugins should be like this one : usefull, easy to configure and easy to uses

- queuleu

It just works!I like how the plugin works, simple and effective. Even on multisite, it works perfectly. Thank you so much!

- Satrya

To good to be true.Does exactly what it says its going to do. You cant go wrong here.Great plugin

- wyldeoscar

Works well and good support.It is easy to install, works well and when I had a concern the support response was within a few hours. Thanks.

- David Tierney

Works Immediately.No troubles with this plugin at all. Worked just like it said it would and I thought I would have to spend hours adding tracking code Thanks team.

- thanks4

Good and good support.Post counter view is not working. All posts counts is zero, However, by checking Google analytics , I found its working fine.


Works as advertised.Loads my Ga right into my WP dashboard. It was easy to set up and it it works perfectly.

- ActionJackson676

Great plugin.Excellent plugin. The only one Ive found that has the geo location map setting. Loads fast too.

- texteditor

THIS IS A TOP 5 *MUST HAVE* PLUGIN.This is absolutely, positively, one of the TOP plugins to install on your WP site. There is no better way to quickly gauge traffic for spikes, surges, and consistency. I installed this on over a dozen WordPress installations and counting, thank you for an outstanding app 🙂

- dannym69

BEST ANALYTICS OPTION.It just keeps getting better and better. With every update, you get more control. Theres nothing like logging into your Dashboard and seeing your traffic right there in front of you!

- Blake

Probably one of my most useful plugins.Obviously you have Google Analytics for detailed reports and analysis but this plugin just shows you a summary of your most important traffic information straight away when you login to WordPress. Works well, never had any problems!

- electric_sh0ck

Great plugin even better support.Very impressive. I used it wrong at first, but thanks to some excellent customer support, Im on track.

- caseyfern

Much appreciation for this plugin.Ive tried several analytics plugins and this is very much the best Doesnt use excessive server resources, and is easy to engage, set up, view and understand, with plenty of good info right there in the dashboard And there is great support

- crzyhrse

Works perfectly.Worked perfectly right out of the box. Had to follow directions for the access code (pro tip, click the link, its not the UA- code you get from Google), but once I got that it works perfectly.

- Edrondol

The BEST!I dont need to say more. This plugin is the best one out there and the implementation is seamless.

- singhnsk

Really nice plugin.Easy to setup and manage. It takes 12 to 24h for google to proces the data, but something that is really useful for all WP website owners.

- DekiGk

Has Everything You Need.I love this. Not only does it make it easy to add the tracking code (and optional tracking code extensions), but it also includes a really nifty dashboard widget along with a bunch of other options and tools. Great work, keep it up!

- Caleb-G

Good support. Good plugin.Im a old timer when it comes to WordPress, and over the years Ive tried many Google Analytics plugins. The scope of this plugin is simple: it gives you some of the common stats and charts from your Google Analytics account. Ive seen many of these types of plugins try and overreach by adding in other Analytics related functionality. This plugin keeps it nice and simple, exactly what I want! Not only that, but the developer maintains the heck of this plugin, and fixes problems extremely quickly. A++

- jquindlen

Great plug in!I love that it works as a part of my dashboard and clearly tells me whats going on with my site.

- TBW_Boston

Developer fast and super helpful; great plug in.I love this plug in and really appreciate the ease of use. Im not super tech savvy so being able to view my stats on each page makes it easy for me to see whats going on. I really like the dashboard too.

- FBMama

Better than the Competition.Weve tried other Google Analytics dashboard widgets before and this one bests them by a mile. It provides more data than other plugins and can even color match the website! Weve never used any of the front end features but are very happy with the dashboard. The role settings are very useful.

- InHouse

Awesome easy to use.Great way for my client to view their own stats in an easy way. Easy to setup and so quick!

- mrslal

Simple setup but full functionality.This plugin has it all if it needs to do anything that it doesnt, I cant think of it.

- NettSite

Very nicely put together.May actually get people to keep an eye on their Analytics reports this way! Excellent, many thanks.

- cycas

Probably best of its kind!This is the best plugin to show personalized Google analytics data that matter to your site on WP dashboard!

- Jaber Al Nahian

Must Have plugin.Thanks for such a great plugin! I am using this plugin from months and it helps a lot in quick tracking of traffic and improve understating user behavior. Quick reports and real time tracking data points give ultimate support while you work online.


Fantastic & Essential.I install GAD4WP on every site I manage. It puts just the right information in just the right place. A fantastically valuable plugin. Thank you so much!!

- Xue Faith

Good Plugin.Works fine, easy to use and good features It would be great to include the extra function in tracking code (universial analytics) siteSpeedSampleRate: 100}); to see the loading times in analytics reports 🙂

- Ralf R.

Great Plugin.Great plugin. It makes so easy to pull the stats from google analytics right into your WP dashboard. I have had an issue with the graphs not showing up using Chrome. It turned out be an issue on my end which was caused by adblocker. I appreciate the developer quick response suggesting possible solutions. Set up was a walk in the park. Just click authorize, copy the code and I was all set to go. It took less than minute! Great work, thanks a lot!

- marek

Easy to use, well integrated.Downloaded and setup in less than a minute. I appreciate that the installation is that easy and not as bloated as many other (actually useful) plugins for WP. Keep up your good work.

- thaikolja

Extremely Useful.This is a great plugin. I installed it a couple of months ago now and the way this plugin displays my analytics data is impressive. Simple bar charts, breakdowns by regions, keyboards, referrals, all in simple panels on your dashboard. Im sure there are more sophisticated plugins but for me this displays everything I need and isnt too fussy to install.

- demonboy

I love this thing.I was using a different google tool that actually came installed with the blog set-up. This is so much better as it adds analytics right to your dashboard. You can even see as recent as today. Saves me time, quite a bit of time now that I have two blogs.

- Meals Alone

Solved my problem.Had some issues with a similar plugin, the data was not showing in my dashboard. Added this plugin and boom. 2 minutes later, everything was sorted.

- sebgates

Fabulous tool.We have this installed in two of our University network sites each with 6 sub-sites in the network. The simple analytics presentation in the dashboard helps our Editors keep tabs on how well theyre doing.

- Gregg

Best Analytics Plugin for WordPress.Easy to setup, easy to use, and works perfectly. No odd errors or anything (which you sometimes find in the other Analytics plugins). I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants quick access to their sites traffic information.

- DobsonDev

Awesome, thank you!I used to google analyticator but this is better. I use this on all my sites (over 50) and no problem. Fast and reliable! Thank you and keep good work

- eldenroot

Awesome plugin.Thanks ofr making this plugin, it is really great, it is possible to see google analytics data in the dashboard rather than log in to google analytics each time.

- Morten

Client is ecstatic.Installed this and the client was very happy they had originally wished to have (monstrous) JetPack installed just to see its stats present on the site this was *way* more efficient and effective. Also, the feature to Lock the singular account for viewing (if you have multiple Analytics accounts in one setup) is key to showing the client only their stuff.

- 3cstudio

Clean UI and Easy to Use.The display of information on the dashboard is just enough, and not too much. Other plugins give too much information, and this one is great for an at a glance of the key items.

- WebEndev

Great plugin.Great plugin, lots of options. One problem though, I cant get it to allow access to Google analytics if Im using Google Chrome browser , have to switch to Firefox.

- haleeben

Bloody Awesome!Loving this plugin! Probably one of the best WOrdpress plugins. Having Google analytic data at the end of each page is extremely helpful. Many thaks and keep up the great work!

- WillOfTheWeb

Great plugin by a great team.This is so much better than using Google analytics. I love the design and the functionality it provides. The support team also super helpful.

- icleary

Met all my needs.Great graphs, easy to read, like that they show graph on the main dashboard instead of just numbers. Many others do not provide a graph on the default dashboard.

- jperot

FANTÁSTICO.Estou gostando muito da ferramenta ExactMetrics. Posso ter uma noção do que tenho que melhorar no meu site.

- paulamesquita

Works as Advertised.The Basic version works as advertised but Ive got too much going on right now to upgrade to Pro. When I do, Ill add to this review.

- DeadIntoIt

Muy Funcional.Muy buena herramienta para saber los estadísticos más significativos del sitio dentro del mismo dashboard.

- Alfonso

Useful Tool.A plugin that works, does not break the site, and can deliver info. needed to ensure the site adds value.

- Rachel Wolfe

Awesome.Its a fantastic plug-in for me. I do not think that able to manage my own website without this.

- aw

Great plugin.It does the work. You can integrate GA to your site, display a basic data on your WordPress dashboard. It changed recently the way it looks and to be honest I liked the old one, was easier to read the information.. you should go back 😉

- bensita

Muy práctico.Muy práctico para que mi cliente pueda ver sus estadísticas directamente desde un panel sencillo.

- mabelmato

ExactMetrics is excellent.I have been using ExactMetrics for a couple of months. It provides a lot of detail, great visual and is easy to use.

- deciosdecarvalho

Next to Google Ad.Very useful for a site admin. We use it to check how Google Ads are functioning. ExactMetrics does what its name promises.

- 3dservices

Measure Your Success!How do you know youre on the right track? With ExactMetrics you can see whether or not shoppers are visiting your website, and whether you are converting them to paying customers. ExactMetrics is one of the essential tools we rely on – and that you need – to measure your success.

- WebTeamAdmin

- stastudio

Useful Tool.I always wondered what brought traffic and what I should concentrate on working on for my blog and this tool shows me specifically what I should be working on which sucks as most people come to my blog for the stuff I find tedious and boring af.

- RogersMrB

Excellent plugin.A really good interface and an all-round excellent plugin. Connects with no issues and great and useful Google insights.

- brand9

Great GA tool.Does what you want for analytics, straightforward to install and the output is clear and understandable.

- chrisnial

Robust. Easy to use.Install, activate, and choose your settings. Its very easy to use and the update looks really nice.

- jerome21z

New and Exciting.Just started using Exactmetrics and it seems very cool. Im Looking forward to keep using it and learning more

- hppoulet

Love this plugin.Easy to install, very nice dashboard and the main metrics within my own dashboard. Love it!

- Aromo

This Save Me Time.Thank you for this plugin, it saves me time because I dont have to login to my analytics account.

- vomark

Easy setup, works fine.Hi, not a power user but I handle roughy 100 sites for industrial clients and was looking for something easy to install and simple for clients to check out from time to time. The ExactMetrics/ExactMetrics is perfect for me.

- tcarterfrance

Great tool.It is a great tool that allows you to see the most relevant information at a glance.


Great plugin.Great plugin. Please make more updates. Work on how to get detailed information on people who visit the site with their information. Thank.

- emmadigital

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics.This is a great plugin. I have been using it for only a short time, and already Ive started to see an improvement inthe number of visitors to my site. Thank you!

- doonesword45

NEXTGEN.This plug-in works great. One of my best clients pulls in tons of new business due to the NExtGET plug-in You guys rock.

- kpkenealy

What else?What else do you need ? NothingA perfect tool that is Average Rating. It will the job perfectly !!

- PhilTheBeat


- ryubluedragon

Great Plugin.This is so helpful not needing to login to Google Console to see the over all stats.

- websista

Great Plugin.Awesome. Very useful plugin. I like it very much. Thank you for the great plugin.

- shima63

- incognighter

Great Plugin.This plugin is amazing as it helps you improve your website by presenting you with analytics.

- maniacz

Great dashboard for analytics.The analytics function with this plugin is premium. And the look of the tables are very good

- haakonbirkeli

Awesome!!The analytics function with this plugin is easy to understand. And the look of the tables are very good, easy to read.

- jacksong47

Nice plugin!This is a great plugin. It does a great job at breaking down the analytics.

- natashapl

Excelente plugin y soporte.

- JRSystem

Useful Information.This program offers a lot of useful information. Allow me to see my website activity on a day to day basis along with new or returning viewers and much more.

- drbob7

Shame.There should be some law to prevent good plugin to be bought and perverted by spammers and hackers

- lolo666

Super Great Plugin.I have been using ExactMetrics for over a year now. I compared two plugins during that time to determine which one would supply me with the information I needed. After the year I determined that ExactMetrics was the one for me and my business. I would highly recommend ExactMetrics for you and for your business. A huge thank you to the entrie ExactMetrics team. Keep up the great work!

- romanrocha79

Nice app.Array I only use the plugin for getting a global picture of visitors of my site and for that purpose its a well documented plugin for getting insight in Google Analytics.

- kadmosb