How to Track Cart Abandonment in Google Analytics (Easy Way)

Do you want to know how many customers abandon their carts on your eCommerce store? You can set up eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics and see the number of people that leave items in their shopping carts. This way, you can reduce cart abandonments and come up with strategies to boost conversions. In this article, […]

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how to enable demographics and interest reports

How to Enable Google Analytics Demographics & Interest Reports

Do you want to know how to find Google Analytics demographics and interest reports? Demographics data tells you about the age and gender of your visitors. Using this data, you can create marketing campaigns to target different users and offer products based on user’s interests. In this article, we’ll show you how to enable Google […]

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how to find exit pages in ga

How to Find Exit Pages in Google Analytics (A Beginners Guide)

Are you wondering what exit pages are in Google Analytics and how you can use them to understand your visitors better? Google Analytics provides lots of metrics that help you see how people are using your website, including exit pages. As a marketer, it’s important to keep track of the landing pages from where your […]

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best wordpress popular post plugins

5 Best WordPress Popular Post Plugins in 2021 (Free + Paid)

Do you want to display your best articles anywhere on your website? Using a popular post plugin, you can display your best content within the blog post or in the sidebar. It helps increase engagement, improve the visibility of your top articles, and helps to increase pageviews. In this article, we’ve put together some of […]

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link search console with ga

How to Connect Google Search Console with Google Analytics

Do you want to link Google Analytics with your Google Search Console account? Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tool, as it was previously known, helps you optimize your website for Google search engine and boosts your site’s organic performance. And if you connect it with Google Analytics, you can unlock more insights into your […]

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how to find woocommerce customer lifetime value

How to Find Your WooCommerce Customer Lifetime Value

Do you want to find the customer lifetime value of your WooCommerce visitors? Customer lifetime value is an important metric, and it helps in identifying your most loyal customers. It also tells you how much money they will spend on your products or services. And the easiest way of viewing the lifetime value of your […]

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metrics every business should track

8 Google Analytics Metrics Every Business Should Track

Are you wondering which Google Analytics metrics are important for your business and which should you keep an eye on? Google Analytics can provide insights about your website visitors and how they behave on your site. It also helps to track your marketing campaigns and find out which strategies are working. But it can be […]

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