Error from the Google Optimize Chrome Plugin when Previewing the Variant?

Are you getting an error from the Google Optimize Chrome plugin, even though you’ve installed the Google Optimize tool with your correct container ID?

This may be the error you see while previewing the variant:

The Google Optimize snippet for the container with ID GTM-*******/OPT-******* is not correctly installed on this page. To preview variants for this experiment, make sure the Google Optimize snippet is installed on any pages you want to test.

This page does not have an Optimize snippet for this container. To preview this page and start an experiment, please check that your page has the snippet properly set up.

If you’re getting this message, simply log out of your WordPress site and the error message should disappear. This is because ExactMetrics, by default, does not track logged-in Administrator or Editor users. Therefore it doesn’t load while you’re logged in and viewing your own site.

That’s all there is to it!

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