Why do I have to Re-authenticate Google Analytics in ExactMetrics 6.0?

The new version of ExactMetrics is a significant rewrite of the old plugin. We invested the resources to do this complete rewrite, so we can add new features faster while making sure your analytics data is the most accurate.

Our goal is to bring the plugin up to date with the latest recommended standards of Google Analytics. Part of this involved using a more secure authentication flow.

When you update the old plugin to ExactMetrics 6.0, you will be asked to re-authenticate Google Analytics to see your reports. This is entirely optional because your old tracking code will still be on the site and analytics data will continue to be tracked.

But in order for us to bring back advanced reports in a scalable way for millions of users, we need to use the new (and more secure) authentication flow which requires each website owner to re-connect their WordPress site with Google Analytics.

We understand that this means few additional clicks for those with multiple websites, and we truly appreciate your patience. We did not make this decision lightly, but in order for us to add more powerful features, this was a necessary step.

Once again, please know that your analytics will continue to work even if you don’t re-authenticate right away. However re-authentication is required to see Google Analytics reports inside your WordPress dashboard.