Common Reasons Google Analytics Isn’t Tracking Some Users

Does it seem like Google Analytics is not tracking a portion of your users?

On occasion, this may happen to your site due to some user activity that causes Google Analytics to not track users properly.

While browsing the web, some users…

  • Opt out of tracking or cookies.
  • Set “do not track settings” within their web browser.
  • Use an Ad Blocking plugin installed in their browser.
  • May be using a VPN, some of which block tracking scripts.
  • May be using a browser that blocks tracking scripts.
  • May have javascript disabled in their browser.
  • May have cookies disabled in their browser.
  • May actually be spam bots or other kinds of bots.

In some of these cases, you’ll see a user click on your site, but it’ll show the user’s time as zero.

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