Doesn’t Google Analytics Come With eCommerce Tracking?

Depending on the eCommerce platform being used, eCommerce tracking needs to be configured to know:

  • Type of product.
  • When a user adds a product to cart.
  • Which page is the checkout page.
  • Any discounts, and the discount amount.
  • Shipping options and their cost.
  • When an order is placed by a customer.
  • When an order is refunded.
  • And so forth.

As a result, eCommerce is not part of the standard Google Analytics tracker.

A Lack of Standardization.

Since these events are not standardized in eCommerce platforms, it cannot be included as part of the standard Google Analytics tracking code and needs to be implemented manually to be accurate.

Should You Set Up eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics The Hard Way?

To accurately track platforms such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, GiveWP, MemberPress, LifterLMS, or Restrict Content Pro you’ll need to use separate Google Analytics APIs.

Google has documentation that users can try to follow to build out the tracking needed: Set up Ecommerce Tracking

But why Reinvent the Wheel?

To start tracking in platforms like WooCommerce, you’ll need to write code that feeds all of the eCommerce events (listed above) and more to Google.

Enabling enhanced eCommerce tracking requires several more lines of code on top of that.

Or users can use the eCommerce Addon, available for ExactMetrics Pro users or higher.

Using this addon makes the difficult implementation of eCommerce tracking much easier:

  • Comes with integration of standard and enhanced eCommerce tracking.
  • Provides custom eCommerce events and Measurement Protocol hits.
  • Is always up-to-date as eCommerce plugins update.
  • Provides a custom eCommerce report within WordPress.

The Easier Way to Get eCommerce Tracking

If you want to enable eCommerce Tracking now, all you need to do become an ExactMetrics Pro User to install ExactMetrics and set up eCommerce Tracking to integrate with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, GiveWP, MemberPress, LifterLMS, or Restrict Content Pro shop within minutes.