How To Fix JavaScript Errors

Are you seeing a JavaScript error message while trying to use ExactMetrics?

No worries! It might not be a JavaScript issue.

It’s possible that ExactMetrics just isn’t able to load properly, or that your website is taking longer than normal to load.

Here are a couple of things to rule out first:

  • Do you use Ghostery or Windscribe? If this browser extension is enabled, try disabling it.
  • Do you use any adblocking? Adblocking features can prevent ExactMetrics from working correctly. Try disabling it.
  • Are you on an older version of ExactMetrics? Please make sure ExactMetrics (and all addons) are up to date.
  • Have you tried clearing your browser’s cache? Make sure to try this first. If you need help, check out this guide:

If nothing has resolved the JavaScript error message yet, please also try opening a new browser window in Incognito mode (or opening a Private Window) of your regular browser and check to see if your ExactMetrics report in this new window will load without issue.

If you are able to load ExactMetrics this way, it means that your browser has an active plugin or extension. Try checking the settings of the extension to disable any adblocking features. Even if you have an extension that is not specifically an adblocker, it could come with an adblocking feature (i.e Windscribe is a VPN but has an adblocking option).

If using a Private Window or Incognito Mode does not change anything, then please try using a completely different browser altogether. Sometimes browsers have built-in adblocking features that are enabled by default. Open your browser’s settings and see if there are any adblocking or antitracking features turned on.

If disabling the feature isn’t an option, some adblockers will have a way to whitelist domains. If you whitelist your WordPress URL within the adblocker, this should allow ExactMetrics to work without issue, while also keeping your adblockers or browser extensions active.

If at this point you are still having issues, then you are most likely experiencing a real JavaScript error. The ExactMetrics support team is happy to help resolve the issue! Please reach out to us, using the following form:

Please enter the exact URL of the issue including http://
Let us know what you see on the page