How to Grant User Access in Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, sometimes you may need to invite another user to your Analytics account to help look over your reports or to have someone help assist you in your Analytics setup. This is done quite easily by granting other users access to your site’s data without needing to share login details.

Follow this guide to learn how to grant user access to Google Analytics for ExactMetrics support.

If you have a Google Analytics 4 property, click here to skip to the GA4 specific steps.

Universal Analytics

Step 1: Go to Your Settings in Google Analytics

In your Google Analytics account, choose the site that you wish to grant access to.


Then head over to Admin.


There will be a User Management option under every level: Account, Property, and View.

At each level, you can allow users to…

  • Account: Add other users, add other websites, and link data between your Adwords and Adsense.
  • Property: Get access to the tracking code, adjust retargeting code and settings on a particular website.
  • View: View any reports, or add content groupings and goals.

For this guide, we’ll be focusing on providing Property level access to your website Analytics.

Click into Property Access Management within the Property column.


Step 2: Add Permissions to a User

To grant access to users, you’ll need to know their email to provide access and manage permissions.

Within the User Management view, click the “+” icon.


Choose “Add new users” within the dropdown.


Enter the ExactMetrics support-access email, or email of the user you wish to grant access to.

Check Notify new users by email if you want to send a notification to the user being added and set the user role

ExactMetrics support will need an Editor role.

Once you’re finished, click Add.

Google Analytics 4

Step 1: Navigate to the Google Analytics 4 Property

Open your browser and go to your Google Analytics account.

Choose the property for your site by clicking on the All Accounts dropdown at the top of the page.

Find the correct property under the Properties and Apps list.

Step 2: Make Your Way to the Property User Management Settings

Click on Admin located in the bottom left of the page (cog wheel).

admin GA4 sidebar

In the Property column, look for Property Access Management and click on it.

Step 3: Now Add a User

In the upper right corner, you will see a blue circle with a plus. Click on this button. Then select Add users from the dropdown.

Next, you will put in the email address of the person you want to grant access to and choose the appropriate role for this user. You’ll also be able to set any data restrictions.

The ExactMetrics support team will need the Editor user role in order to make changes for you. These changes could be things like modifying an event, creating an event, and configuring cross-domain tracking.

Notify new users by email can stay checked. It will send an email notification to each user that you add.

Finally, click the blue Add button at the top right corner of the page and it will set up the new user with the permissions you gave.

Congrats! You can now successfully give someone access to your Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4 property.

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