How to Install the ExactMetrics Plugin

Are you ready to install the ExactMetrics plugin?

ExactMetrics is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. Not only will ExactMetrics install the Google Analytics tracking code in just a few clicks on each and every page of your site, but you’ll also get gorgeous dashboards and reports that show you the most important stats, right inside your WordPress admin area.

But ExactMetrics doesn’t stop there, rather that’s just the beginning.

Because when you use ExactMetrics to implement Google Analytics on your WordPress site, you get very advanced Google Analytics tracking for WordPress setup in just a few clicks.

Section 1: Download the ExactMetrics Plugin

To get started, you’ll need to download ExactMetrics.

First, log in to the ExactMetrics website.

Step 1: Navigate to the login screen:

Step 2: Log in with your ExactMetrics account:

If you haven’t purchased ExactMetrics yet, you can do so here. Purchasing ExactMetrics will automatically create an account for you with us.

Step 3: Next, you’ll navigate to your account area and then to the download area:

Step 4: Finally, you’ll click download to download your ExactMetrics plugin.

Please note: that the download comes in the form of a ZIP file, not an EXE or APP file. Some browsers or operating systems might automatically unzip this file and open the folder. (We’re looking at you, Safari.) If this happens, you’re going to want to navigate “up” in the file system and locate the ExactMetrics .zip download file. This will be the file that you’re going to upload to your WordPress website in the plugins area.

Please proceed to the next step!

Section 2: Upload and Install the Plugin on Your WordPress Site

Prerequisites: If you’ve previously installed another Google Analytics tracking code in your theme or plugin, you’re going to want to remove that before installing or activating ExactMetrics. This will ensure that you’re getting the most accurate stats, and not double-counting or making the stats unreliable. [How to Find duplicate Google Analytics tracking codes in WordPress]

Now that you’ve downloaded the ExactMetrics plugin, you’ll need to navigate to your WordPress plugins area where you can upload and activate ExactMetrics.

Step 1. First login to your site. This is going to be something like, then log in:

Step 2. Go to plugins » and click the “upload plugin” button up at the top:

Next, click the choose file button, and navigate to the folder where the zip file was just downloaded to.

Select the zip file:

Then click “install now” to upload the plugin zip file.

Finally, click “Activate Now” to activate ExactMetrics.

Next, proceed with the wizard:

Next, you’ll want to activate your license key. You can get your license key from your ExactMetrics Account Area after you’ve completed your purchase.

Back at your site in the WordPress dashboard, you can navigate to ExactMetrics » Settings to enter your license key and then click the Verify Key button:

That’s it! ExactMetrics is now installed on your site. Next, you’re going to want to connect Google Analytics so you can have the best Google Analytics setup install on your own WordPress website. How to connect ExactMetrics to Google Analytics.