How to Connect to Google Analytics

After you have completed installing ExactMetrics, the best Google Analytics for WordPress, you’ll need to connect ExactMetrics to Google Analytics. This will give you some of the most advanced tracking possible for your WordPress website. If you haven’t yet, click here to follow our guide for installing ExactMetrics on your WordPress website.

Section 1: Prerequisites

Before you connect Google Analytics to ExactMetrics, you will need to have created a profile for your website in Google Analytics. If you haven’t created a profile for your website in Google Analytics, you’ll want to do that now. How to Create a Profile in Google Analytics for your website.

If you don’t know if you’ve created a profile for your website yet, you’ll want to log in to Google Analytics with your different email addresses and look for a Google Analytics Profile for your site. How to find out if you already have a Google Analytics account.

Authenticate Google Analytics With ExactMetrics

Once you have created or located your existing Google Analytics Profile for your site, you’re now ready to connect it with ExactMetrics.

Step 1. Navigate to your website login area and log in:

Step 2. Navigate to the ExactMetrics settings area:

Step 3. Scroll down and click Launch the Setup Wizard.

Step 4. Select your website type. (This will be important later.)

Step 5. Select your account email which contains the Google Analytics Profile for your site:

Step 6. You will need to give ExactMetrics all requested permissions for the plugin to work:


It is very important that all permissions are granted to the ExactMetrics plugin

This required for ExactMetrics to function, and particularly important now. As we develop the plugin we’re going to be able to do more for your site in terms of setup with less and less need for complicated and setup of the settings in Google.

Step 7. Click the Drop Down:

Step 8. Select the correct profile for your site in the drop down:

Step 9: Complete the connection with Google: Step 10: Complete the Setup Wizard:

That’s it! ExactMetrics makes is easy to set up an optimized and very advanced version of Google Analytics for your WordPress website in just a few clicks.

Next, please see our getting started guide and checklist to get the best setup of Google Analytics going specific to your needs: Getting Started with ExactMetrics: Guide and Checklist for Advanced Metrics