IP Geo Block Plugin Conflict

Do you use the IP Geo Block plugin? Are you running into this error when trying to authenticate ExactMetrics?

The following error occurred during authentication:
This site is already authenticated. Please re-authenticate if you want to change the Google Analytics profile.

The reason this error might appear is because there is a conflict between ExactMetrics and the IP Geo Block plugin. When ExactMetrics attempts to connect to your WordPress, IP Geo Block prevents this connection from being made, leaving ExactMetrics unable to display your analytics reports.

This problem will continue to persist unless the developers of this plugin whitelist ExactMetrics. Otherwise, you will not be able to see your reports.

We recommend deactivating the IP Geo Block plugin in the meantime:

  1. Within your WordPress admin, go to the Plugins ยป Installed Plugins page.
  2. Find the “IP Geo Block” plugin and click Deactivate.

That’s all! Your ExactMetrics reports should work as expected now.

What’s next? If you’re still having issues, learn how to check for theme or plugin conflicts: How To Check For Plugin Conflicts.