What is a Report in Google Analytics?

Are you interested in learning about the structure of a Report in Google Analytics?

Follow this guide to learn in-depth about reports.

A report is made up of at least one Dimension and a couple of Metrics.

  • Dimension: a qualitative measurement or attribute of your data. Examples: City, State, Country, Page, Page Title, Acquisition Channel, Referral page, etc.
  • Metric: a quantitative measurement. Examples: # pages viewed, average time on site, # of sessions, average session duration, Bounce rate, Conversion rate.

In any Google Analytics Report, you’ll see the Primary Dimension on the left side, and Metrics data on the right, which populate the columns in a report.

Here’s an Audience ยป Geo Location report in GA:


To view more granular data, you can add an optional secondary dimension in many reports:


Here’s an example of the City Secondary Dimension selected in a report with a Primary Dimension of Country:

In general, metrics are numbers and data, while dimensions are attributes of those numbers or data. Every report in Google Analytics is made up of Dimensions and Metrics.


That’s it! Now you have a better understanding of reports in Google Analytics.

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