Where to Find UTM Tracking Code Results Data in Google Analytics

Do you need to determine which of your marketing campaigns are getting you the best results?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to find your UTM campaign data within Google Analytics.

Are you wondering what “UTM Tracking Codes” are?

Learn more about tracking your marketing campaigns and UTM codes here:

Where can I view my UTM data in Google Analytics Properties?

You’ll be able to view UTM Campaign data for your Google Analytics4 property in the following reports:

  • Acquisition overview
  • User acquisition
  • Traffic acquisition

Go to analytics.google.com » Reports » Acquisition to view these reports.

Acquisition overview report

In the Acquisition overview report, you’ll be able to see data in the session medium and session campaign cards.

User acquisition report

In the User acquisition report, select First user campaign in the dropdown:

Traffic acquisition report

In the Traffic acquisition report, select Session campaign in the dropdown:


If you’re using the DebugView report, you can click on page_view event in the timeline when it appears after testing your campaign URL.

You’ll find campaign information within the Parameters.

You did it! You learned where to view your UTM tracking code data within Google Analytics.

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