How to Add a Property to Google Analytics

Follow this guide to learn how to create a new Google Analytics property.


  1. You’ve already created a Google Analytics account at
  2. Your WordPress website is live.

Getting started

Go to Make sure the correct Property is selected in the account picker and then click into Admin.

To create a new property, click on the blue + Create Property button.


To start, give your property a name and then click Next.

Fill in your business information

Describe your business by selecting the relevant options for Industry category and Business size:

Click Next to then select your business objective as the last step:

Click on Create to finish!

You’ll see a small notification confirming that your property was created while being taken to the next step:

That’s it! You created a new Google Analytics property.

The next step is to connect this new property to ExactMetrics: Learn how to How to Connect to Google Analytics since we’ll automatically create a data stream for you to start collecting data (no further steps are needed on this screen, so you can Skip for now).