How to Add a Property to Google Analytics

Follow this guide to learn how to create a new Universal Analytics property or a new Google Analytics 4 property.


  1. You’ve already created a Google Analytics account at
  2. Your WordPress website is live.

Getting started

Go to Make sure the correct Property is selected in the account picker and then click into Admin.

To create a new property, click on the blue + Create Property button.

Create a Google Analytics 4 property

To create a new property, enter your website’s name, time zone, currency and then click Next.

This will create a Google Analytics 4 property.

Create a Universal Analytics property

If you prefer to create a Universal Analytics property, before clicking Next, click on Show advanced options.

Enable the option to Create a Universal Analytics property so that the option is Turned On.

Choose https or http and enter your website’s domain (this needs to exactly match your website). Then make sure to select Create a Universal Analytics property only.

This will create a Universal Analytics property instead of Google Analytics 4 property.

Finish creating your property

The last step will ask for some information such as your business category, business size, and how you’re going to use Google Analytics.

Fill in all of the information that applies and click on Create.

That’s it! You created a new Google Analytics property. What’s next? Learn how to How to Connect to Google Analytics.