Why Google Analytics Is The Most Accurate Website Statistics Solution

Are you wondering why your ExactMetrics and Google Analytics statistics are different from other plugins and services that offer site traffic tracking?

The two main reasons for the difference in numbers are bot traffic, and the use of different metrics.

Follow this guide to learn why Google Analytics has the most accurate stats:

Reason 1: Google Analytics Has Better Bot Filters

Anything between harmless search engines to malicious scripts to referral spam.

Google has the most robust spam-fighting and bot filtering capability.

Other services or products also filter out some bots, but the list of bots filtered out by Analytics and other products are not the same.

So which product does the best job of filtering bots?

  • The 500 Billion Dollar company, who’s business revolved around data gathering on virtually all users?
  • Or other products, where data is a side project to their primary focus in a different market or industry?

Reason 2: Google Analytics Uses Better Metrics: Sessions Rather than Clicks or Hits

Statistics between Google Analytics and other services might look different because data is measured differently.

Most other services or plugins measure raw hits or clicks. If a user clicks a link three times, each will count toward stats.

Google Analytics focuses on unique user visits by measuring “sessions”.

Generated from multiple pageviews from a single person.

More details: How a web session is defined in Analytics.

Inflated numbers, caused by bots or double-counting the same visitor, are not ultimately helpful to the end goals of a website.

When needing to make smart decisions, there is better value in seeing actual reflections of how a site is genuinely performing.

Reason 3: ExactMetrics Won’t Count Logged in Users

At ExactMetrics, we believe in providing the most accurate stats. Website owners should view behavior and demographics data on their site audience, instead of data on themselves.

This is why ExactMetrics will not track logged-in administrators or editors by default (adjustable in settings).

Other tracking programs (including Google Analytics) do not have this feature.

Any other plugins that implement Google Analytics will likely track visits from logged-in users.

Why Google Analytics Stats Are So Different From Other Stats Trackers

Your web host might come with any of these tracking options:

  • AWStats
  • eLogic
  • ShinyStat
  • SiteMeter
  • StatCounter
  • W3Counter
  • W3Perl

When you view the stats provided from these trackers, the numbers reported might be completely different from what you see in Google Analytics. Most other tracking services will show more inflated numbers.

In comparison, it can seem like Google Analytics is under-reporting your site performance. In reality, it’s reporting much more accurate data because Google Analytics makes every effort to count real user interaction, instead of spam or bot hits.

Additionally, if you’re a website owner using ExactMetrics to implement Google Analytics tracking, ExactMetrics won’t track logged-in user activity.

This is what makes Google Analytics through ExactMetrics the most effective tracking method for gathering real actionable data on your site visitors.

Why Google Analytics Is The Most Accurate

Google already knows a lot about us, as users. For example, Google can serve up relevant targeted ads due to significant data gathered based on browsing habits. They’re experts at gathering real data that is usable and meaningful.

Google Analytics is not a perfect tracking system, but the data collected and provided to us is the closest thing we have to real, accurate, and actionable insights on users that visit our websites.

What’s Next?

You did it! You learned why Google Analytics is the most effective tracking service.

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