API Returned a 403 Response / Error message: User Does not have Sufficient Permissions for this Profile

Are you seeing a popup with a 403 error when you try to view your Search Console Report?

It’ll look like this:

The API returned a 403 response with this message: ExactMetrics failed to retrieve the new report data. Error message: user does not have sufficient permissions for this profile.

If you’re seeing this error while trying to view your Search Console report within ExactMetrics, it is most likely due to a URL mismatch between the default URL property setting (Google Analytics) and the connected domain (within Google Search Console).

Read this guide to learn how to troubleshoot this error and how to make the proper adjustments.

Before we start …

Are you seeing this error when you view the Custom Dimensions Report in ExactMetrics?

Please view this guide: How to Set Up Custom Dimensions and verify your Step 3 configuration.

Additionally, you may also need to wait 24-48 hours before checking your dimensions report so data can trickle in.

Step 1: Within Analytics, click into Admin » Property Settings and note whether or not your URL is http or https. Also, note if your URL is correct.


Step 2: You can then open a new tab, or simply click into Admin » All Products » Search Console. Click the Adjust Link button to view the URL configured for Google Search Console.


Step 3: Compare the values between Step 1 and Step 2.

Pay particular attention to:

  • If your URL is http or https.
  • If your URL begins with www or not.
  • If your URL has any spelling errors.

The 403 error you’re seeing is caused by the URLs not being exactly the same:

  • If your Google Analytics property has a value of http://example.com but your Google Search Console is using https://example.com, this will cause an error.
  • If your Google Analytics property has a value of http://www.example.com but your Google Search Console is using http://example.com, this will also cause an error


Step 4: Correct the mismatch by doing either the following:


After you update your URLs and confirm they match 100%, you should be able to view your ExactMetrics Search Console Report within your WordPress as expected:


You did it! Now you know how to troubleshoot the 403 error when trying to view your Search Console report.

What’s next? Enable compatibility mode so you can use your favorite third-party plugins with our guide: How to Enable Compatibility Mode in ExactMetrics.