How to Get Started With the Ads Addon

Are you looking to set up Google Ads for your WordPress site? The ExactMetrics Ads addon makes it easy to insert your Google Ads conversion ID (and conversion label if you’re also doing eCommerce tracking) into your website for you!


  1. You are a Plus license user or higher.
  2. Your ExactMetrics is installed and activated.
  3. Google Analytics is already authenticated on your website.

Installing the Ads Addon

Under ExactMetrics » Addons, find the ExactMetrics Ads addon and click the Install button.


When the plugin is installed it will auto-activate. If needed, you can click the Activate button to manually activate the addon.

Note: You can also track conversions for Bing and Meta Ads by using the PPC Tracking Addon instead, which is available for Pro license users or higher.

With the ExactMetrics addon installed, the next step we recommend is to integrate Analytics with your Google Ads account.

Below are steps for users who have a Universal Analytics (UA) or Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property. If you’re not sure what kind of property you have, check out our guide to understand the differences between GA4 and UA.

Universal Analytics Integration With Google Ads

Log in at and make sure the correct property is selected:

Then click Admin:

Google Analytics Universal Admin Menu

Go to Google Ads linking under Product Linking.

Among the list of available Google Ads accounts, toggle the one you would like to link your Google Analytics property to.

Then click Continue.

You’ll be prompted to insert a Link group title and toggle which View in your Google Analytics property the link will apply to.

Select the Views that apply, and then to finish, click on Link accounts and then Done after reading through the rest of the information that Google provides to complete the setup.

Google Analytics 4 Integration With Google Ads

Go to and select the correct GA4 property

Then go to Admin.

GA4 Admin Menu

Open the Google Ads Links settings page under Product Links.

Google Ads Links in GA4

Click on the Link button.

Add Google Ads link in GA4

A window to create a link with Google Ads will open. Within step 1 click the Choose Google Ads accounts link.

Choose GA4 ads account

Another window will open with a list of Google Ads accounts available to choose from. Toggle the accounts you wish to link. Click Confirm to close the window.

Step 1 should now show the Google Ads account it will be linked with.

Google Ads link - next

Move on to the next couple of steps by clicking on Next. To finish, review all of your settings and then click Submit.

That’s it! Your GA4 property and Google Ads account are now linked.

Enable Google Ads Tracking Inside ExactMetrics

With everything properly linked and configured, head back to your WordPress dashboard, and head into ExactMetrics » Settings » Conversion » Ads Tracking.

Google Ads Tracking will automatically be enabled, and all you’ll need to do is insert your Google Ads Conversion ID and Conversion Label into the fields.

Don’t have a conversion tag yet? Create one by following Google’s guide: Set up conversion tracking for your website.

Note: Inserting a conversion label is optional, and can only be done if the ExactMetrics eCommerce Addon is installed and activated.

That’s all! ExactMetrics will insert your Google Ads conversion tags for you.