Google Analytics Events Audit

Are you curious about the Google Analytics events tracked by ExactMetrics?

ExactMetrics automatically tracks various types of visitor-triggered events once installed and activated on your WordPress site.

If you need help coming up with goals for your website, read through this guide to learn more about these events and their properties.

This list is not a complete account of ExactMetrics’ events. We’re always adding more tracking features and we currently track a lot of things—but we’ll detail relevant features to help you figure out your site goals.

What is an Event in Google Analytics?

Site visitor interactions on your website are called Events in Google Analytics.

Examples of events tracked in ExactMetrics:

  • File downloads
  • Outbound link clicks
  • Telephone link clicks
  • Affiliate link clicks
  • Form impressions and submissions

Why Do You Need Event Tracking?

Outside of event tracking, Google Analytics tracks what pages are viewed. Without event tracking, page views alone are not very insightful or useful when trying to track your site’s performance.

With event tracking, you can deduce:

  • What your users are doing.
  • If your users are completing certain actions (or your site goals, like using a form).
  • If your users are interacting with your website as expected (clicking a play button and etc).

Event tracking makes goal tracking much more feasible, allowing website owners to see meaningful progress or help make meaningful improvements to their site.

Events Types Available in Each Plan

ExactMetrics tracks the following out of the box:

  • Outbound link tracking
  • Download link tracking
  • Telephone number tracking
  • Affiliate link tracking

This tracking is available in all versions of ExactMetrics. Data for these custom events can be viewed within Google Analytics.

Viewing reports:

If you are an ExactMetrics Plus user or higher, you can view reports on these custom events conveniently within the Publisher’s report (located right inside your WordPress site).


Additionally, if you’re an ExactMetrics Pro user or higher, you’ll gain access to even more advanced tracking such as Forms tracking and eCommerce tracking.

Overview of ExactMetrics Events

Event NameGets tracked when a site visitor...
telClicks on a "tel:" link.
mailtoClicks on a "mailto:" link.
scroll_depthScrolls 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the page.
file_downloadClicks on a download link
clickClicks on an outbound or affiliate link

For click events, the following information will be tracked, depending on your settings:

Is OutboundSet as true if clicking on a link sends a site visitor to a different domain or external site.
Is Affiliate LinkSet as true if clicking on a link that contains the configured affiliate path such as /go/ or /refer/, depending on what is set for affiliate link tracking.

More ExactMetrics Events:

Event NameGets tracked when a site visitor...
form_impressionOpens a page with a form.
generate_leadSuccessfully submits a form.
impressionOpen a page with an embedded video.
video_start, video_progressWatches an embedded video on the page.
video_completeWatches a video until the end.
view_item_listBrowses a product category.
view_itemViews a single product page.
select_itemSelects a product type while viewing a single product.
add_to_cartAdds a product to their cart.
begin_checkoutStarts the check out process.
purchaseSuccessfully completes a transaction.


That’s it! Now you’ve seen an overview of the custom events tracked in ExactMetrics.

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