How to Enable Enhanced Link Attribution in Google Analytics

Are you looking to enable enhanced link attribution for your website? Enabling this option allows you to gain insights on which call-to-action on your landing page is getting the most clicks.

Follow this guide to learn how to enable enhanced link attribution in ExactMetrics and Google Analytics.


  1. ExactMetrics is installed and activated.
  2. Google Analytics is connected and authenticated on your website.

Enable Enhanced Link Attribution on Your Site

Log into your WordPress admin and click on ExactMetrics » Settings » Engagement.

Find the Link Attribution section and toggle the “Enable Enhanced Link Attribution” option.


Enable Enhanced Link Attribution in Google Analytics

Log into and click into your Admin.



Within the Property column, make sure you have the right property selected and open the Property Settings.


Scroll down to find the Use Enhanced Link Attribution section and switch the button from off to on.

Save your settings by clicking the Save button at the bottom.


You did it! You enabled enhanced link attribution.

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