How to Get Started With the ExactMetrics Real-Time Report

Are you wanting to track users who visit your site in real-time? With the ExactMetrics real-time report, you can see who’s on your site right now, located conveniently within the ExactMetrics reports area of your WordPress dashboard.


  1. You are an ExactMetrics Plus user or higher.
  2. You’ve already installed and activated ExactMetrics Premium.
  3. You’ve already connected with Google Analytics and ExactMetrics.
  4. You are using the latest version of ExactMetrics (6.0.0 or later is required).

Why Use the Real-time Report?

With the Real-time report, you can:

  • Track the results of your marketing efforts as it happens.
  • Track visits as you launch your product.
  • Monitor your website in real-time and make changes as needed on the fly.
  • Track who’s currently visiting your site.
  • Within the past 30 minutes, see pageviews-per-minute.
  • View in real-time the Top pages page title, page view count and percentage of total.
  • View in real-time the Top referral traffic sources, by source, path, campaign, count and percent.
  • View in real-time the Top countries, by country, number of visitors and percent.
  • View in real-time cities by city, state, country and the number of visitors.

Every 60 seconds, the real-time report will update.

If you’d like to test the real-time report, make sure to use an incognito window while you’re logged out of your WordPress site. ExactMetrics does not track logged-in users by default.

You’re ready to get started with real-time reporting in ExactMetrics. Want to view the real-time report? See how here: How to Find the ExactMetrics Real-Time Report.