How to Set Up Google Ads Conversion Tracking with WooCommerce with a Plugin

Do you have a WooCommerce site and want to set up Google Ads conversion tracking?

With ExactMetrics, we make it simple to track all your WooCommerce eCommerce data with Google Analytics.

However, we’re laser-focused on being the best Google Analytics implementation, so you’ll need to implement the Google Ads conversion tracking independently.

And since this can be a bit tricky to do manually, we’ve made this guide to show you how to easily implement this code with a plugin.

The Prerequisites:

  1. You’ve already set up and have an active Google Ads account.
  2. WooCommerce is installed on your WordPress website.
  3. ExactMetrics Pro Tier with eCommerce Tracking is set up in your website.
  4. You’ve gone ahead and connected ExactMetrics to Google Analytics (so you can track the results of your Google Ads).
  5. You have already connected your Google Analytics account to your Google Ads account.

Awesome! If you’ve Completed those Prerequisites, Please Proceed to Step 1.

Overview: In this guide, there are a few steps, but they consist of:

  1. Logging into Google Ads.
  2. Collecting the required tracking code from Google Ads.
  3. Adding this tracking code to the plugin that will implement this automatically on your WooCommerce Instance.

Step 1. Please go to and login to your account:

Step 2. Navigate in the top right to Tools » Under the Measurement » click on Conversions.

Step 3. Click the blue “+” plus icon to add a conversion action to Google Ads.

Step 4. Click the ‘Website’ conversion action type.

Step 5. Add a Conversion name that will be clear to you in the future. We’re recommending “WooCommerce Purchase” in this case.

Step 6. Select Purchase/Sale item from the category drop-down.

Step 7. Select the “Don’t use a value” item from the options being displayed.

Step 8: Set the Count option to “Every”.

Step 9. Click the blue Create and Continue button.

Step 10. On the next page, click the Install the Tag Yourself button.

 Step 11. On the next screen, some code will be displayed:


Step 12. Open a new browser tab, navigate to your WordPress site admin area, and log in. Install and activate a plugin to use for conversion tracking. For demo purposes, we’ll use WooCommerce Conversion Tracking.

Step 13. In the new browser tab, navigate to the plugin settings area: WooCommerce » Conversion Tracking.

Step 14. Flip on the Google Ads switch: Turn on Google Ads

Step 15: Back in the other tab, you’ll copy the Google Ads Account ID similar to AW-123456789.

That’s the last line of the script and looks like: gtag(‘config’, ‘AW-123456789’);

This code is unique to your Google Ads account, so you have to copy it exactly.

Step 16. Now, from the second snippet, you’re going to select and copy the code after the backslash:

Step 17. Into the purchase events area:

Click Save.

That’s awesome! You’ve just set up Google Ads conversion tracking for WooCommerce.

Now, not only do you have the best Google Analytics tracking for your WordPress website setup, but you’ve easily set up Google ads.

Next, please navigate back to our guide: Getting Started with ExactMetrics: Guide and Checklist for Advanced Metrics and continue setting up anything that might be relevant to your site, if you haven’t yet.