How to Test for a Browser Addon is Conflicting With ExactMetrics

When there’s an issue with ExactMetrics, it’s often a browser issue rather than a problem with the site. Follow this guide to learn how to troubleshoot this problem.

Here are some suggested steps you can take to determine if there is a browser extension conflicting with ExactMetrics.

Step 1: Use a different browser.

See if you’re experiencing the same error in a different browser as you saw in your original browser.

If you usually use Chrome as your browser of choice, try opening your site in a fresh install of Firefox or Opera.

If you discover the issue doesn’t exist in your other browsers, then you can continue chasing down which extension in your original browser might be conflicting with ExactMetrics.

Step 2: Disable all extensions.

Next is to narrow down which extension is causing the conflict. To begin the process of elimination, it’s best to start by disabling all browser extensions. If you need help, we detail step-by-step guides on how to disable extensions for particular browsers below.

Step 3: Test which extension is the culprit.

Once you’ve disabled all extensions, you can proceed to enable browser extensions back on one by one.

Each time an extension is enabled, it’s essential to refresh your browser and clear cache. The idea is to confirm which extension will cause that conflict to appear again.

Once you are able to verify which extension is the culprit, either leave the extension disabled while you use ExactMetrics, or remove the extension if you no longer need it.

How to Disable Extensions in Chrome

  1. Open the menu (click on the “…” icon at top right of the browser).
  2. Click “More Tools” and select “Extensions”.
  3. This will open an “Options” tab.
  4. Toggle “off” the extensions to disable them.

How to Disable Add-ons in Firefox

  1. Open the Add-ons tab. Usually found under Tools » Add-ons.
  2. Select the Extensions panel.
  3. Select the add-on you wish to disable.
  4. Click the “Disable” button.
  5. If you are prompted, click Restart now.

How to Disable Extensions in Safari

  1. Click on Safari » Preferences then click Extensions.
  2. Select an extension from the list.
  3. Deselect the extension to disable.
  4. It’s you’re not sure what the extension does, or if you don’t plan to use it, it’ll be best to uninstall it.

How to Disable Extensions in Opera

1. Open the extension manager under View » Show Extensions.


2. Select Extensions » All.


3. Click on “Disable” to disable extensions.

How to Disable Add-ons in Microsoft Edge

  1. Open the menu by clicking on More (…).
  2. Choose Extensions within the menu.
  3. On the extension right-click and select Remove, or select the extension and click “Remove”.


You did it! You learned how to test if a browser extension is causing conflicts with ExactMetrics.

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