Where to Find Custom Link Events in Google Analytics

Are you looking to view reports on the custom link events you’ve created using ExactMetrics? Follow this guide to learn where to find these reports in Google Analytics.

We recommend only creating custom link events for important link clicks.

Applying custom link events to all of your site’s internal links will dilute your reports, and make finding the most valuable insights much more difficult.

ExactMetrics already adds tracking for the most important events out of the box. You can find a breakdown here: Events ExactMetrics already automatically adds to Google Analytics.


  1. ExactMetrics is installed and activated.
  2. Google Analytics is connected and authenticated on your website.
  3. You’ve created a custom link click event with ExactMetrics.

Google Analytics

Step 1: In a Google Analytics property, you’ll find your events at analytics.google.com » Reports » Life cycle » Engagement » Events.

For example, let’s say you created a custom event called CTA.


Step 2: You should be able to find your custom event in the report and view metrics for it such as Event count, Total users and more. If you need more information, you can try adding a custom parameter, which will add another column to the report.

Click on the plus “+” symbol next to the Event name. Then select a dimension from the dropdown.

As an example, go to Page / screen and choose Landing Page to view which landing page your custom event was triggered on.


Step 3: Try other dimensions, such as Traffic source » Session source / medium to see which campaign drove the most clicks for your custom event.


Lastly, if you prefer a more detailed overview, click on the custom event name (in our example, it would be the CTA event) and it will open a new page.

What else can you try?

  • To view the path of the page your custom event was clicked on, use Page / screen » Page Path and screen class.
  • If you are tracking any ExactMetrics Custom Dimensions, you can find them under Custom (Event-scoped).
  • If you feel the standard reports don’t quite fit your needs, go to Explorations and create a custom report. You can start with a Free Form template and insert your preferred dimensions (columns) and preferred metrics (rows) as needed.


You did it! You learned how to view insights on your custom link click events.

What’s next? Create goals in Google Analytics for some of these events: How to Create a Goal in Google Analytics to Track Conversions.