Tracking is Disabled for Administrators & Editors

Does it seem like ExactMetrics isn’t tracking you? Are you logged into your WordPress site?

ExactMetrics does not track logged-in Administrators and Editors by default.

To provide the most accurate stats, this feature is built into ExactMetrics to avoid website admins and editors from skewing their own site data while visiting or viewing their WordPress site.

If you’re logged into your WordPress site as an Administrator user or Editor user, and you open your browser’s Developer Console, you’ll see a note:


You can also view the source code and see the following comment outputted by ExactMetrics:

<!-- Note: ExactMetrics does not track you as a logged-in site administrator to prevent site owners from accidentally skewing their own Google Analytics data. If you are testing Google Analytics code, please do so either logged out or in the private browsing/incognito mode of your web browser. -->

Seeing this note means you’re not being tracked.

If you’re trying to test your ExactMetrics tracking, it’s best to log out of your WordPress site, or use an incognito window.

ExactMetrics excludes Administrator and Editor users from tracking by default, but you can add more user roles through our guide: How to Exclude WordPress Users from Tracking in ExactMetrics.


What’s next? Learn how to track logged-in users by setting up User-ID Tracking and setting up custom dimensions to thoroughly analyze your user activity on your site.