5 Best WordPress Facebook Pixel Plugins (Expert Pick)

Top 5 Facebook Pixel Plugins for WordPress (Expert Pick)

Are you looking for the best WordPress Facebook pixel plugins? These excellent tools help you effortlessly add and use a Facebook (Meta) pixel on your site.

Adding a Facebook pixel to your WordPress website without a plugin can feel overwhelming. It’s a real hassle to manually insert a Facebook pixel code on every single page of your site, and if anything goes wrong, it could even break your site. Thankfully, there’s a better way.

Using one of the best Facebook pixel WordPress plugins makes the whole process easy, quick, and safe!

What Is a Facebook Pixel and Why Is it Needed?

A Facebook Pixel is a tiny piece of code that you put on your website. It helps Facebook keep track of what people do on your site after clicking your social media ad, like if they look at products or make purchases. This information helps you improve your ads and show them to the right people.

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Connecting a Facebook Meta pixel with your site unlocks tons of benefits for your business such as tracking conversions, retargeting users with personalized Facebook Ads, enhancing your Facebook remarketing campaigns, and seamlessly linking WooCommerce with Facebook to keep tabs on your sales.

Can You Use a Facebook Pixel on WordPress?

Yes, you can use a Facebook pixel on WordPress to accurately track what users do on your site after they click your ad. However, adding a Facebook pixel without a plugin can be a tedious process that isn’t very beginner friendly since it involves manually adding tracking code to your site.

And, even a tiny mistake means the Meta pixel won’t track visitors correctly. That’s why we recommend using a WordPress Meta pixel plugin to easily get the job done. In this article, we’ll take out the guesswork and share the best Facebook pixel plugins for WordPress.

Ready to effortlessly connect your Facebook pixel to WordPress and supercharge your conversion rates with eCommerce integration and pixel tracking? Let’s dive in…

5 Best Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugins

  1. ExactMetrics
  2. WPCode
  3. Meta Pixel for WordPress (Facebook for WordPress)
  4. PixelYourSite
  5. Pixel Cat

1. ExactMetrics

ExactMetrics Logo

ExactMetrics is the best premium WordPress Analytics plugin, allowing you to easily set up Google Analytics without editing any code or needing a complicated tool like Google Tag Manager. You get advanced tracking right out of the box with an extremely user-friendly interface and Google Analytics reports right inside your WordPress dashboard.

ExactMetrics also makes it incredibly easy to set up advanced Google Analytics tracking with only a couple of mouse clicks, such as eCommerce tracking, custom dimensions, media tracking, form tracking, and much more.

With ExactMetrics’ PPC Ad Tracking addon, you can easily add your Meta pixel to WordPress and connect eCommerce with your Facebook pixel for event tracking. This allows you to track your Facebook Ads and conversions while conveniently accessing your Google Analytics reports directly in WordPress.

The best part? You won’t need to mess around with your FB pixel code or your website’s core code at all!

Gone are the days of having to download multiple plugins for various tasks, such as adding your Facebook pixel base code, setting up Facebook with WooCommerce, supporting conversion API, or connecting analytics with a tag manager. With ExactMetrics, everything is taken care of for you!

Just paste your Facebook pixel ID into ExactMetrics, and you’re good to go. It’s that simple!

ExactMetrics PPC Ads Tracking - Meta/Facebook Ads Tracking

The PPC addon integrates with well-known eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, LifterLMS, MemberPress, and GiveWP. This means you can smoothly monitor your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns and track conversions without any extra setup.

And don’t worry if your site doesn’t use any of these eCommerce platforms because you can still easily track page views and conversions!

On top of that, when you choose ExactMetrics, you gain access to tons of additional Google Analytics features and advanced tracking capabilities with just a few simple clicks. Elevate your tracking game and get sophisticated analytics without complicated configuration or any code.

Here are some of ExactMetrics’ most popular features:

To set up the PPC addon and connect your Facebook pixel to WordPress and eCommerce, all you need is ExactMetrics Pro.

In our tutorial, Best Way to Add a Facebook Pixel to WordPress (Step-By-Step), we’ll walk you through how to create a Facebook pixel, set up the PPC Tracking addon, and connect your Meta pixel to WordPress with our 1-click method.

Pricing: Starts at $199.50 / year for the Pro version, which includes PPC tracking and all of our other Google Analytics and advanced tracking features.

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2. WPCode (Insert Headers and Footers)


If you’re searching for the ultimate WordPress code plugin to effortlessly add Facebook pixel code and other snippets to your website, we highly recommend WPCode. This plugin, formerly known as the Insert Headers and Footers plugin, is a simple yet powerful tool that gets the job done.

WPCode is a dynamic and user-friendly plugin that is incredibly helpful for any WordPress user. It allows you to effortlessly insert a wide range of codes into your website, including Facebook (Meta) pixel code. Whether it’s Facebook retargeting pixels, custom CSS, HTML, or JavaScript, WPCode has you covered.

With its beginner-friendly interface, you can easily add these snippets to your website’s global header, footer, and body. Or, the advanced auto-insert location feature gives you the freedom to precisely control where your code snippets appear.

What sets WPCode apart as an exceptional WordPress Facebook pixel plugin is its Conversion Pixels addon, enabling you to easily implement eCommerce event tracking across popular platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, Pinterest, and TikTok. It also seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

With just a few clicks, you can choose which eCommerce events to track, such as products, add to cart, checkout, and purchase. WPCode includes other really awesome features such as a code library with 100+ ready-made code snippets,
smart conditional logic for snippets and pixel events, cloud storage to use your snippets across multiple sites, an easy WordPress code generator, custom shortcodes, and more.

While WPCode doesn’t provide the advanced Google Analytics and tracking functionalities found in other plugins like ExactMetrics, it excels in offering a straightforward and beginner-friendly solution for adding a (Meta) Facebook pixel or other code to your website. You have the freedom to add any piece of code or script, making it the only code snippet plugin you’ll ever need.

Pricing: Starts at $99 / year for Plus (Free version available to insert your Meta pixel base code, but you’ll need Plus to access the Conversion pixel addon for eCommerce tracking and WooCommerce integration).

Get started with WPCode today!

Alternative: Tag Manager – Header, Body, and Footer is another free plugin for inserting code snippets on your WordPress site. Although it doesn’t offer the advanced features and eCommerce integrations that WPCode does. It’s a good, simple code snippet plugin.

3. Meta Pixel for WordPress (Facebook for WordPress)

Meta pixel for WordPress (Facebook for WordPress)

Meta Pixel for WordPress, previously known as Facebook for WordPress, is the official WordPress plugin from Facebook that allows you to securely add a Facebook pixel to your website.

The main purpose of the Meta Pixel plugin is to track user engagement on Facebook and visitors’ activity on eCommerce sites. With this free plugin, you gain the ability to monitor users as they browse through your content, shop, add products to their carts, and successfully complete purchases.

As Facebook’s official plugin, Meta Pixel for WordPress comes recommended by Facebook Events Manager when you select WordPress as your platform of choice. This makes it a trusted and well-integrated plugin that helps you add a Facebook pixel to WordPress and set up conversion tracking. It supports Facebook conversion API, integrates with popular form builders, and provides support for other eCommerce plugins.

If you decide to install the Meta pixel WordPress plugin, it’s important to note that it focuses on one specific task: assisting you in adding a Facebook pixel to your WordPress site for tracking website visitors. It doesn’t offer additional features or serve as a multipurpose plugin for your overall website, but it does excel in its intended purpose.

Pricing: Free.

Get started with Meta Pixel for WordPress today!

Alternative: Facebook for WooCommerce is another free, official pixel plugin from Facebook that is specifically designed to help you set up an online Facebook or Instagram store and connect it with your eCommerce store and Meta Ads.

4. PixelYourSite


PixelYourSite is another free Facebook pixel WordPress plugin that streamlines the Facebook Pixel creation process by automatically tracking the vital activities happening on your site and sending them to all configured pixels.

This Meta pixel plugin keeps track of essential data using global events, is fully compatible with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, and offers 3 Facebook pixel event triggers:

  1. URL contains
  2. URL equals
  3. Delay event by a set time amount

It also helps to increase conversions by offering signal event features that allow you to track important events and secure customer information. While PixelYourSite may not have an extensive array of advanced features and integrations, it still proves to be an excellent and simple tool for using Meta pixel in WordPress.

Pricing: Free.

Get started with PixelYourSite Today!

Alternative: Pixel Manager for WooCommerce is a free Facebook pixel plugin for WordPress that also uses standard event output for all pixels and offers features that allow you to track events and customer information for Facebook remarketing.

5. Pixel Cat

Pixel Cat

Pixel Cat, formerly known as Facebook Conversion Pixel, is a freemium Meta pixel plugin for WordPress. Just like the other plugins on our list, Pixel Cat requires no coding skills whatsoever to add a Facebook Pixel to your website. With just a couple of clicks, you’re ready to roll.

The free version allows you to select from a variety of standard Facebook pixel events for conversion tracking and use automatic audience retargeting options based on the pages your visitors have viewed.

The premium version adds more advanced features and customizations like time delay settings, dynamic triggers, integration with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, and custom events for Meta pixel.

While its features revolve around Facebook pixels, without extending much beyond, Pixel Cat is a great tool for those seeking a free plugin to add a Facebook pixel to their WordPress site easily and get automatic audience retargeting options based on pageviews.

Pricing: Free (Premium starts at $99 / year).

Get started with Pixel Cat today!

Bonus: Meta Pixel Helper

With so many great plugin options, we don’t suggest installing your pixel code manually unless you’re very comfortable with editing your website’s theme files.

But, if you do choose to add your Facebook pixel without a plugin or are using a plugin that lacks reporting and real-time updates, there’s a handy tool called the Meta Pixel Helper (also known as Facebook Pixel Helper). It’s a troubleshooting extension for Chrome that allows you to easily check if your pixel is functioning and ensure that everything is working as intended.

What Is the Best Facebook Pixel Plugin for WordPress?

ExactMetrics is the best Facebook pixel plugin for WordPress. With just one click and no coding required, you can add a Meta pixel to your site and have seamless eCommerce integration, conversion tracking, and page view tracking. Plus, its advanced Google Analytics tracking features, comprehensive reports accessible right from your WordPress dashboard, PPC tracking for other advertising platforms, and more help you to optimize your entire site easily.

A close contender for the top Facebook pixel plugin is WPCode, an exceptional code snippet plugin for WordPress. It serves as the perfect solution for adding your Facebook pixel or any other code to your site, and its conversion pixel addon sets it apart from other basic code plugins. The user-friendly interface combined with the flexibility to add any code or script makes it an excellent choice.

That’s all for this article! We hope you enjoyed learning more about the top WordPress plugins for Meta (Facebook) pixels. We think you’ll be interested to learn more about How to Use Google Analytics to Track Social Media.

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